Brown Sounds Off on Droughns Holdout

While the Browns remain quiet on the notion of their new running back holding out for a new contract, Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown is not nearly so reserved. The Browns great had a few words to offer on the subject. Here's David Carducci with the story...

The Cleveland Browns still aren't willing to talk about Reuben Droughns' potential holdout, but one of the franchise's legends wasn't afraid to say what he thinks about the idea.

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown called the holdout a mistake Droughns may one day regret and questioned the advise of agent Drew Rosenhaus.

"Emphatically, I would never advise a player to do what he has done," said Brown, who was in Berea Saturday to watch the second day of the Browns rookie mini-camp. "I think an agent (who advises a player to holdout) is incorrect."

Droughns was traded to the Browns by the Denver Broncos on March 30 in exchange for defensive linemen Ebenezer Ekuban and Mike Myers. Now he wants to renegotiate the contract that calls for the Browns to pay him $950,000 this year and $1 in 2006.

"I think the opportunity to play, come into a new situation and have a chance to maybe challenge for a starting position is much more important than the money he won't get this year," said Brown. "It puts a bad taste in everybody's mouth. He is under contract, and I don't think (a player) can make this organization do many things if they hold out. I don't think it's a wise decision by any standpoint."

Brown believes Droughns is risking being remembered in Cleveland more for greed than how he eventually performs on the field.

"Players should play and show their wears," said Brown. "That's something people remember forever. Nobody remembers how much money I made when I played. They just remember that I played."

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