Winslow Hurt in Motorcycle Accident

UPDATED! The Browns have acknowledged that TE Kellen Winslow has been hurt in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. Here's what we know, plus the official statement by the team.

Cleveland television stations showed security camera videotape this evening of Winslow and his friends tooling around an empty Cuyahoga Community College parking lot. While the actual accident wasn't on film, television coverage showed where Winslow flipped over, hit a small shrub, and landed. Also coming out in media reports tonight are comments about Winslow's contract, which contains a number of clauses regarding involvement in hazardous activities, potentially decreasing the team's financial compensation to Winslow if he loses time due to these injuries.

As most Browns fans are likely aware, reports earlier throughout the day indicated that Browns TE Kellen Winslow, Jr, was injured over the weekend in a motorcycle accident. Rumors have flourished over the course of the day, with concerns about internal injuries expressed by many fans.

What we know from published reports is that Winslow and some friends were riding motorcycles in a parking lot near Winslow's home in Westlake, Ohio. Winslow apparently hit a curb travelling about 35 MPH and flipped over the handlebars. While Winslow was wearing a motorcycle helmet, it was not strapped on, and resultingly flew off during the accident.

The team acknowledged the accident earlier in the day, and released the following statement this evening:

Cleveland Browns TE Kellen Winslow was injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday in the Cleveland area. Winslow has sustained some internal injuries, which are stable. There is also swelling in his right shoulder and knee. The extent of these injuries will not be known until further medical evaluation is completed after the swelling is reduced. Winslow will remain at the Cleveland Clinic overnight. No timetable for his release has been determined.

Bernie's Insiders will have more on the situation as it develops. Stay tuned as we gather additional information on Winslow's condition...

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