Not A-Mayes-ed By Clarett

A mini-camp participant wasn't surprised by Maurice Clarett's problems...

Sam Mayes took time out from his weekend tryout with the Cleveland Browns to reminisce about his days at Austintown Fitch where he was a high school teammate of Denver Broncos rookie and former Ohio State problem child Maurice Clarett for one season.

The 6-foot-4, 347-pound Youngstown native didn't have many fond memories of Clarett, who played his freshman season at Fitch before transferring to Warren Harding. Mayes was a junior when Clarett was a freshman.

"I wouldn't take anything away from (Clarett) athletically," said Mayes. "But as a person, I wouldn't have him be one of my friends at all. I think the way he left my high school was unnecessary. I think the way he acted when he got to the collegiate level was just an abomination of the sport. I'm glad he got drafted and I think he will do well in the NFL, but as far as being a class act, he definitely is not that."

According to Mayes, trouble seems to follow Clarett, and because of that, he wasn't surprised when Clarett burned his bridges at Ohio State.

"When I heard his name start to pop up, people asked, 'is this really happening," said Mayes. "I (said) 'hell yes it's happening.' I mean, I know the kid."

A WORK IN PROGRESS : After two days of rookie mini-camp, the Browns still haven't had a chance to gauge how fast former Kansas defensive end David McMillan can make the switch to 3-4 linebacker.

"He is still a projection," said Crennell. " I think when we put the pads on and we see him be able to rush the quarterback, that's his strong suit and that's one of the reasons we took him. He is used to playing with his hand on the ground. When you take the hand off the ground, it's a little bit different. It takes a little time, but he's working at it and I think we'll be pleasantly surprised with him."

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