The Winslow Injury Report

News and commentary about Kellen Winslow and his recent motorcycle accident are everywhere, but the Browns have been tight-lipped about the extent of Winslow's injuries. Bernie's Insiders has learned more about Winslow's condition, and can tell you more this afternoon...

According to sources both within Berea and around the NFL, the injuries suffered by Browns TE Kellen Winslow are indeed fairly serious. In fact, the injuries, while still undetermined in their totality, put Winslow's 2005 season in jeopardy.

We are told that Winslow has no less than a sprained ACL, an injury that in itself would require rehab that would take well into the season, if not wipe out 2005 entirely. We are also told that Winslow has a separated shoulder and a potential labrum tear.

In terms of internal injuries, we've been told that Winslow is suffering from either a bruised or punctured lung, and broken ribs. We've also been told that there may be an issue with Winslow's spleen, but haven't been able to confirm that information.

We aren't happy to bring this news to your attention, and hope that our sources have been overstating the level of injury. We have pledged to tell you what we've been told, however, and it does not look promising for Kellen Winslow in 2005.

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