"Determined" Winslow Leaves Hospital

Kellen Winslow left the Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday, nine days after suffering a motorcycle accident that left him with internal injuries and unspecified damage to his right leg. Here are som additional details about Winslow and the statement issued to the press.

Kellen Winslow broke free of his hospital bed on Tuesday, but it will still be a while before he breaks free of tacklers on a football field. Winslow has been hospitalized since a motorcycle accident on May 1.

The 2004 draft pick, considered so valuable that the Browns traded a second-round pick to move up one spot to grab him, hobbled out of the Cleveland Clinic this afternoon on crutches. According to published reports, he avoided putting pressure on his damaged leg, but did manage to turn and give photographers a "thumbs-up" before moving on.

Winslow also had the Browns release a statement to the press this afternoon:

"I would like to thank my family, friends, fans, the Cleveland Browns, and the staff at The Cleveland Clinic for their support.  I am determined more than ever to get back on the field with my coaches and teammates as soon as possible.  I'm okay and excited to be going home.  I would like to thank everyone in advance for respecting my privacy as I recover."

Browns head coach Romeo Crennel was reportedly encouraged by Winslow's progress, saying that the tight end would return to the team, albeit on an unknown schedule.

The Browns have not given any public indication of whether they intend to pursue Winslow for compensation, and information about Winslow's injuries has been based mostly on leaks and public speculation.

Bernie's Insiders reported on the extent of Winslow's injuries last Wednesday, but additional information and a prognosis for recovery have been kept quiet. It is still a subject of some mystery as to whether Winslow has suffered a tear or sprain of his ACL, which would have a huge impact on Winslow's ability to return quickly.

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