Press Conference Reveals Little

Browns executives met with the local media on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Kellen Winslow's injuries. The team could say little, however, and the press and fans gained little new insight into the prognosis for Winslow's recovery. Barry was there, and offers his take on the half-hour press conference.

Even with all our technology and hubris, mankind still finds some mysteries to be unsolvable.

For example, we still cannot say if a tree falling in a forest in the absence of people creates a sound. As a species, we'll just have to trust that the refrigerator light goes out when doors is closed. No human will ever know what the heck was going through Christie Brinkley's mind when she married Billy Joel. And so on.

Based on today's press conference with Browns executives Phil Savage, John Collins, and Romeo Crennel, the exact nature of Kellen Winslow's injuries has joined the ranks of these eternal mysteries.

The team blames the lack of information on their legal obligation to respect the family's privacy.

"It's a non-football injury and quite frankly there is nothing we can do about (releasing information)", Collins offered. "There is nothing we can do in terms of reporting the injuries and the medical treatment.  We are not allowed to do it, it's not considered a league rule, and there are privacy laws and everything else".

While fans looking for clarification wound up disappointed, some aspects of Winslow's status could be gleaned from the team's remarks:

  • Winslow did not have to undergo surgery on his right knee. He might have to undergo surgery in the near future. Or he might not.
  • The Browns hope to have a clearer picture of Winslow's status after another evaluation is performed in 7-10 days.
  • There is no information available on the tight end's likely recovery time, and the team pushed away all queries on the subject. However, a bogus internet report of Winslow's injuries being career-ending was quickly batted away by Team President John Collins.
  • Winslow's right knee "remains a concern", but the team is not considering releasing him.
  • The tight end is already back in Berea and doing some rehab. Winslow was performing some "range of motion" tests on the knee today at the team's facility.

While there was talk of "disappointment" in Winslow, Browns executives did not use the occasion to bash the player or his representatives, the notorious Kevin and Carl Poston. Phil Savage stated that there has been no contact with Poston brothers regarding Winslow's contract.

With little information to relay, the press conference mostly appeared an attempt to recapture positive momentum for the organization. Local columnists and radio personalities, along with many fans, have been openly despairing of the team's prospects, writing darkly of curses or other sinister machinations.

Fighting the negativity, Savage outlined the team's lengthy list of on-going activities, such as the voluntary workouts, NFL Europe and the upcoming passing camp. Romeo Crennel painted a picture of a team working hard and looking forward to upcoming camps and the 2005 season.

The team's head coach even put a positive spin on Winslow's attitude.

"He was in here this morning rehabbing. I feel like that is a positive for us", Crennel said. "He was happy to be here and he was happy to see us when we went down to see him. He is in pretty good spirits. I think that he wants to work to try and get back on the field to show the kind of ability that he has."

The new front office team undoubtedly hopes that their upbeat message rubs off on a press corps and fan base which has developed some defensive cynicism due to bad luck and losing records. Unfortunately, they're likely to find that good news and winning, rather than press conferences, is the only cure.

- BDMc


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