He's seen watching the Cavs. He calls Cleveland home. He went to John Carroll. He's a middle linebacker and we need one of those (Mrs. Rainer, please sit down... I'm very sorry but it's the truth).Are the stars in proper alignment for London to come home?




3/4/2002: There are few things that are certain in life, but here is one of them: London Fletcher will be playing with a new team next year. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Rams have given up on signing Fletcher and have kissed him goodbye. With most of the Browns MLB talk circling around Fazio's fave Kailee Wong, Fletcher and his high price tag may be prohibitive for Berea as well.

2/28/2002: London is ready to rock, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Again, we hear that the annoying Squealers are chasing Fletcher, and again we hear that St. Louis has failed to sign him. So far, the only team we've seen associated with with Fletcher is Pittsburgh, although Schudel started this by putting him in the same paragraph as the word "Browns". He should have known how we would interpret that...

2/24/2002: I try to make it a point not to start web buzzards until I see a player mentioned somewhere in the press. If I were to crank one of these up everytime one of our Insiders talks about it, well, it wouldn't seem fair to our subscribers. So, I wait impatiently until I see some tie between a player and the Browns in the press. I got that today from Jeff Schudel's column (not on the web) where Fletcher is mentioned as a possible Cleveland Brown because he's better than Wali. That's enough for me. So, it's time to start tracking.

We'll start by linking a story in the Pittspuke Tribune-Review which mentions Fletcher as the best MLB available in free agency. The Squealers would only be interested if the dunderheads let Earl Holmes slip away, which they probably will because everyone in Pittsburgh is amazingly stupid. Unless, of course, they're Browns fans. Or a friend of mine. Or yours. Or someone who might give me money. Other than that, all Pittspukers are stupid and they'll probably let Holmes go and therefore be interested in Fletcher, thereby raising his price, thereby somehow increasing the price of beer at CBS. Damn, I hate the Steelers.


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