The Bills have failed to make peace with their middle linebacker, which means he is soon to be a free man. If he's healthy, he could be a rich one as well.




3/3/2002: While the Atlanta Constitution, in an article it took me a while to find on their horrible and unnavigable website, offers that Cowart will probably re-sign in Buffalo, they also say that Falcons DC Wade Phillips wants Cowart bad. The Falcons have already been in touch with his agent. Here's more on the pursuit of Cowart by the Bills in the Buffalo News.

2/28/2002: The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle tries to paint a picture of the Bills desperate attempts to sign Cowart. Since it's 11PM on 2/28 and I haven't seen anything come across the wire, it's likely all for naught. Welcome to free agency, Mr. Cowart. Cowart's mouthpiece is still talking to the Bills though. In Indianapolis.... where all the other teams are too.

2/24/2002: I could lie to you and tell you that you haven't missed much, but Rumor Central (not this one which we've relabelled Web Buzz, but the real one with Lane and JT) has been tracking this for a while. It's starting to get very serious now that Cowart has failed to sign with the Bills and may be headed elsewhere. Today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review mentions Cowart as the Squealers are starting to sniff around (with that noxious gorilla-like snorting that we hear everytime the Steelers front office blunders into free agent-land).

More importantly, though, it doesn't look like the Bills have a prayer of keeping Cowart by signing him prior to March 1. They failed to use the franchise or transition tag on Cowart, likely because of their concern about his leg problems, and aren't interested in spending a lot of jack when they're less than 365 days away from escaping cap hell. At present, the Bills have $6.6 million left under the cap, so it's possible they could sign Cowart, but it doesn't look likely. If he hits the market, expect some interest from the Browns.

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