Winslow Recap: TE Not Going Anywhere

NFL Scout recaps the Browns stance on Kellen Winslow

Disgruntled fans and some trigger-happy members of the media want the Browns to release Kellen Winslow Jr. because Winslow in all likelihood threw away his 2005 season in a motorcycle accident May 1. It will not happen, general manager Phil Savage said.

"Absolutely not," Savage said. "He's one of the blue-chip players on this club. When I interviewed with John and Randy (Browns owner Randy Lerner), he was one of the guys that was ear-marked. I said the problem with the team is it doesn't have enough good players, and he his one of our better players.

"We need him, and we want him. We're hopeful he can make a recovery in due time."

Winslow spent nine days in hospitals after hitting a parking lot curb at 35 mph and being ejected from his motorcycle, landing 16 feet from his ruined bike. He was discharged from Cleveland Clinic May 10. Privacy laws prohibit the Browns from detailing his injuries, but sources say the primary concern is Winslow's right knee, which will be re-examined around May 20; internal injuries are healing without surgery.

Coach Romeo Crennel said Winslow was in the Browns' training complex the day after leaving the hospital, already starting his physical rehab from the accident, working specifically on range of motion in his right knee. Winslow had been rehabbing from the broken leg and ankle injury sustained in the second game last season.

"I think he's going to work extremely hard to try to recover," Crennel said. "He had been here every day rehabbing. We never had to go look for him. We felt good about the possibility of him coming back this year until the accident occurred.

"Now he's going to have to go through possibly a similar procedure to get back. He wants to get back and show everybody he is a football player and that it does mean something to him. That shows you a little bit about his attitude. "

Crennel said there is no timetable for Winslow resuming a playing career. And while he admires Winslow starting on the road to recovery less than 24 hours after leaving the hospital, the coach made it clear he does not approve of Winslow's choice of recreation.

"I'm disappointed the accident occurred," he said. "Kellen is sorry it occurred. I think he hurts more than anybody.

"We can't hold these guys hands 24 hours a day. What we're going to try to do is continue to educate and counsel our players about the choices they make on and off the field. In the role of coach and teacher, I think that's part of the job."

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