We know that the Browns love raiding their AFC North neighbors. We know the Squealers want to re-sign Holmes a lot. Is it the perfect time to burn Bill Cowher and gang?




3/3/2002: Catching up with Earl. It appears that Lenny P. had a swing-and-a-miss with his Earl Holmes prediction for a Friday signing. Oh well. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review notes that Holmes is as good as gone from the land of smog, garlic, and bad beer. They claim that Indy, Houston, Buffalo and Cleveland are possible destinations. There's a nice little slam on the Browns in the article, suggesting that the team won't spend "judiciously". Niiiiice. This from the city that gave us a Bill Cowher freak-out over whether or not Butch Davis refers to him by his first or last name. CBS Sportsline infers that Holmes was going to give the Steelers a "hometown deal", but that the Steelers couldn't afford it.

2/25/2002: We get our second "Browns will strike quickly" story in as many days as ESPN's Len Pastamuncher offers up a quick, evidence-free blurb that suggests that the Browns still quickly snag Pittspuke Steeler linebacker Earl Holmes. Mr. Pizzacruncher obviously has a large following, as the tipline just got hammered after this came out (thanks to all our tipsters).

There are a couple of reasons to believe that there might be something to this:

1. In the words of BTNG Greg*: "Wali sucks".

2. There appears to be nothing that Carmen Policy loves better than snagging players from another team within the same division. His theory is that it is a two-fer as the Browns get stronger and a rival gets weaker.

Given that snagging Holmes would force the Squealers to get into a bidding war for London Fletcher or Sam Cowart, one can imagine the coiffed one kicking back and chuckling if the Browns indeed land Holmes quickly. Then again, I can imagine a lot of things.

* NOTE: This is BTNG Greg's opinion, not mine, and I'm pretty sure that Greg is being way too harsh on Wali. He's mean like that, and has a "thing" about Wali. You may write to Greg at greg@brownstng.com. Be sure to mention how his being a Nittany Lion fan makes him a poor judge of character.

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