There is some advocacy within the Browns camp to snag Glover to take some heat off of G-Money and keep the heat on opposing QBs. Will the Browns spend yet more on their defensive line? Dunno.




3/4/2002: There's a little bit more on Glover this evening. Obviously, most everyone has seen the official notice from the team that Glover was hanging out in Berea. I'm guessing that it cost the Browns at least $300 just to feed him today. Furthermore, I'm sure that most everyone caught the Times-Picayune story which DK put on the wire this morning. In that one Dallas and Oakland are mentioned as interested. If you're keeping score at home, the list is now at: Cleveland, Oakland, Dallas, Arizona, Indianapolis, and the NY Jets. That sound you hear is heavy breathing from Glover's agent. Just ignore it.

3/4/2002: He's not exactly considered a football guru, but you have to give Roger Brown props for coming out with this one early. It's now common knowledge that the Browns have the hots for Glover... you've even got CBS Sportsline reporting it, as well as most of the local papers on Sunday. What Sportsline adds is that Indy, the Jets, and the ever-annoying Raiders also covet the Saints DT. Not only that, but you've also got the Arizona Republic claiming that the Cards will throw some cash at Glover. Like Dilger and Riley, Glover is a free agent could get pricey.

2/25/2002: I guess we should have started this one yesterday, but there just isn't much out there about this guy yet. But there may be shortly. Anyhow, this all started with a Roger Brown column in the Plain Dealer. That and a cup of coffee will get you... er... a cup of coffee. Still, his name and "Browns" got mentioned in the mainstream press, so that gives us an excuse to crank up another one of these Web Buzzards.

There are some reasons to think that Glover might not be a likely target. For one, the Browns have already invested heavily in the defensive line and there are a number of other key areas in which to invest (like the other line). Lane Adkins and John Taylor added some more insight on this one in the Rumor Central forum. Still, it's clear that someone in the Browns organization likes Glover, so it's on the radar.

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