Newswire: Waiting For Results

Today, we wait patiently for a puff of white smoke in the form of a press release to emerge from Berea regarding the status of TE Kellen Winslow. With MRI results discussed with the team and Winslow today, the world may (or may not) hear about the extent of the damage to his right knee. That, plus some of the usual detritus associated with covering the Cleveland Browns, in today's newswire wrap...

The waiting game may or may not be in its final stages.

The long-awaited MRI on Kellen Winslow's right knee was done yesterday with results expected today. Whether Browns fans learn the details of those results will again be up to Kellen Winslow, Jr, and his family. To some degree, another phase of waiting may be in the offing if second opinions are requested.

The Browns haven't committed to a press release or anything else when they learn of the results, but will be able to answer questions regarding whether or not they feel Winslow will make an appearance on the football field in 2005 and, potentially, whether the team intends to seek compensation in the form of a bonus pay-back.

The most important information that the team hopes to glean from the MRI is whether Winslow has torn his anterior-cruciate ligament. If he has, he won't be playing this year.

DROUGHNS WORKING OUT: Based on the quotes from Romeo Crennel at the Akron Browns Backers meeting, the team didn't seem positive as of Monday night about RB Reuben Droughns' intentions other than that he had returned to the Berea facility.

It turns out that Droughns is back in town to work out and learn the team's offensive system. At present, the assumption is that he'll be participating in the upcoming mini-camps.

This is some actual good news from the perspective of Browns fans, if not from the perspective of Droughns' agent Drew Rosenhaus.

ANOTHER MEDIUM FALLS VICTIM: Back in 1996, a website called showed up to enable fans to chuck much-needed digital eggs at a photo of Art Modell. In 1999, that mutated into, which obsessively detailed the weirdness as the team attempted to build itself into a competitive franchise.

In September 2001, Bernie Kosar helped BrownsTNG mutate again into Later that year, after Browns News-Illustrated went out of business after decades of covering the team, Bernie's Insiders hit the print medium with a weekly (now monthly) news magazine.

Starting next Tuesday evening at 9PM, we'll attempt to victimize another unsuspecting medium as the Bernie's Insiders Radio Show hits the digital airwaves courtesy of

The plan is for Lane Adkins and I to smack into STC's audio stream each week at that time, providing Browns fans with the only year-round radio show dedicated to the team. The hope is that site visitors interact with us via phone, email, and the chat room so that the radio show, like the website, is fan-driven. We figure the more you listen to each other, rather than us, the better the show will be.

Archives will be available the day after the show. There will also be a live video stream available for masochists who are somehow compelled to see what is meant by the phrase "perfect faces for radio". I'm hiring some dorky-looking guy to pretend to be me.

We'll have more details on the site in the coming days.

BEWARE THE MEDIA: The Watercooler thread on yesterday's Newswire-related ramblings noted that the article referenced RB Reuben Droughns "attempting to live" on his salary of $950,000 in 2005.

It should probably be pointed out that the phrase was this writer's abuse of his article-writing privileges to interject his own opinions into the story. I apologize to anyone who might have attributed that phrase to Droughns.

- BDMc

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