Winslow Out for the Season

(UPDATED 5/18 9:30PM) No definitive word has come from Berea, but the early buzz on Winslow's MRI could not be called positive. Our sources close to the team are making unhappy noises about Winslow's status, and some early reports from other sources are beginning to appear.

Bernie's Insiders, like every other sports outlet in Cleveland, has been seeking to learn what the results from Kellen Winslow's MRI mean to the 2005 Browns.

Our sources have been saying that Winslow's knee does not look good, and that they're pessimistic about the tight end playing in 2005. We do not have word from official channels or from individuals in Winslow's immediate camp, however, so we are being told this by individuals who have not been directly involved in meetings between Winslow, his representatives, and the team.

The team's hand-picked broadcaster, however, does sound like he has definitive word about Winslow's status. Jim Donovan reports via WKYC that Winslow's ACL will keep him out of the 2005 season.

As we've reported, Winslow has had heavy swelling in his knee, giving all involved a great deal of concern about whether or not there was a tear of Winslows ACL. While Donovan did not state specifically - and we have not confirmed independently - that Winslow has torn his ACL, his status for 2005 as reported by Donovan would lead one to believe that this is the case.

UPDATE 5/18 9:30PM
Mid-Jersey Dawg has let us know via the tipline that the NFL Network and Rich Eisen have also reported that Winslow is done for the year. Eisen is the first to say that Winslow has a torn ACL, although the source of the story on the league-owned network was not made clear.

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