Newswire: The Common Wisdom Prevails

Someday, perhaps soon, you may be able to surf to and see a picture of something other than a hobbled Kellen Winslow. But, unfortunately, today is not that day. Here's a recap of what the Cleveland papers are saying about Kellen Winslow's immediate future...

There's an eerie sameness on the newswire this morning, as the major Northern Ohio newspapers all seem to be singing the same refrain. It goes something like this:

"It ain't our fault
That nobody's saying nuthin'
We'll have to put our faith
In good 'ol Jim Donovan"

Well, the words aren't much, but it's got a good beat and, after a few beers, you can dance to it.

The Winslow family has put the kibosh on details of Kellen Jr's MRI, but various hushed voices have been telling writers like the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi and the Beacon-Journal's Pat McManamon the same thing they've been telling us: it doesn't look good.

Jim Donovan, the team's broadcaster, apparently had enough to put a report on Channel 3 News' website yesterday. While Donovan didn't reveal much about his sources, his story and the aforementioned dark murmurings, is apparently enough to convince the press corps that Winslow won't play during this upcoming season, and that a torn ACL is the reason why.

In other words, it's they're engaging in the same sort of thing we did yesterday where we felt that all the evidence put together was enough to put a "Winslow Out for 2005" headline on the front page.

There is, however, still no official word from the team, and Winslow is undoubtedly seeking a second opinion. So, those hard-core optimists choosing to hold out some hope that Winslow may suit up this season still have a sliver or two of doubt to work with.

This is Cleveland, after all, and any rusty nail is enough to hang a hope on.

TRAYLOR TAILOR-MADE? Steve Doerschuck has an interesting bit of speculation in the Canton Repository this morning, as he points to a possible fit between the Browns and recently-released Patriots nose tackle Keith Traylor.

Now, of course, the Moony and I continue to slam the occasional update into Rumor Central, but we have exacting specifications for what constitutes a valid rumor or not. For example, we need to see a player's name and "Browns" in the same sentence.

While the Canton Rep article passes our low hurdle, fans should note that there's no actual link between the team and Traylor at this point. The common history, as Doerschuck suggests, could make this an interesting situation to watch.

NEW VERSION, NEW NAMES:  Two quick notes we may expand upon later today, if I can recover from last night's midnight nerd-viewing of Revenge of the Nerds... er... Revenge of the Sith.

The first item is that we've uncovered four of the twelve veterans who were invited in to town for those top-secret tryouts the Browns don't want to discuss. That nugget made it into Ask the Insiders yesterday.

The second is that those fans who downloaded the Bernie's Insiders News Tablet will discover that it upgrades itself next time it looks for news. The new version contains a new browser view of news items that you might find more convenient than the fold-out menus. Both views are still available and can be selected via the "Settings" menu item.

Personally, I've tried about a dozen different ways to read these new-fangled RSS feeds and the News Tablet makes a pretty good general-purpose RSS reader as well as a nice bit of software for fans just looking to keep track of Bernie's Insiders.

I use the News Tablet about a dozen times a day to check on my favorite sites, as well as this place. Among other things, it's the easiest way for me to find when new posts from other members of our gang here have appeared on the Ask the Insiders forum, or when new articles have appeared on The.Raw.Feed.

If you haven't tried it yet, it's a free download and a site feature I'm particularly proud of. Give it a try.

- Barry

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