Newswire: A Sitting Duck

Kellen Winslow's silence has contributed to his becoming a target for fans and pundits...

Links and opinion regarding today's media coverage of the Cleveland Browns...

Based on this morning's newswire, Kellen Winslow's medical status appears to have changed over the last 36 hours from "closely-held secret" to "common knowledge".

With the Associated Press jumping on the torn ACL bandwagon, the day belongs to the numerous (and universally unnamed) sources who have been telling Bernie's Insiders and others that Winslow will need surgery on his knee that will wreck his 2005 season.

With the press converging on what appears to be the sad truth, the Cleveland Browns organization remains mute on Winslow's future, and the Winslow braintrust, including agents Kevin and Carl Poston have offered only deafening silence on the subject of the young tight end's behavior.

The media, like nature, abhors a vacuum and the various columnists and pundits of the Browns and NFL world have rushed in to fill the void.

That group is led by the Plain Dealer's ever-eloquent Bud Shaw, who seems to enjoy waiting to see how the Postons will react now that their negotiating position has evaporated. The Beacon-Journal's Tom Reed jumps into the fray as well, offering his take that the Browns should give Winslow a year to recuperate and then make decisions about his future with the team.

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli, who could undoubtedly find Cleveland on a map if given enough time, also feels the need to weigh in, offering the stunning observation that "Winslow displayed a dearth of common sense" and goes on to mostly bash the player and suggest his comeuppance is nigh. Even the Macon Telegraph sees the opportunity to opine on Winslow.

Browns fans, meanwhile, will get to wait a bit longer for local and national pundits to have something nice to say about the team and its fortunes.

Also on the newswire today is another chapter in the sad tale of Abram Elam, the Kent State defensive back who was scouted heavily by the Browns and later signed by the Miami Dolphins. Unbeknownst to us, David Carducci's scoop on the team's interest in Elam appears to have created a letter-writing campaign directed at the team. Although not currently Browns-related, I felt the story was worthy of linkage given the discussion on the forums following Dave's story.

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