Free News Tablet Upgrade Available

The free Bernie's Insiders News Tablet, a piece of software which allows Browns fans to track the latest news via eight different news feeds, has been upgraded to Version 1.3. The new version allows the feeds to be browsed even more easily than before. Check it out!


The Bernie's Insiders News Table has been upgraded to Version 1.3. The new version is available for free download (1.1 MB)by all Browns fans by clicking here.

The News Tablet provides a simple way to stay on top of many of the free and premium features found on Bernie's Insiders. These include the tipline, rumor central, Ask the Insiders, and the Daily Newswire. At present, there are eight different feeds (four free, four premium) which can be viewed via the News Tablet.

An additional free news feed, containing archives of the new Bernie's Insiders Radio Show, will be available starting next week.

The 1.3 upgrade allows news feeds to be read in a "browser view" as well as the "fold-out" view which was available in previous versions. Click here to see a screen capture of the News Tablet in the full browser view.


  • For fans who already are using the News Tablet, the software will automatically upgrade itself to Version 1.3. No download is required.
  • If you are new to the News Tablet, you can download it for as many PCs as you would like by clicking here.
  • If you already have the News Tablet, and the software is stalling when trying to upgrade, we suggest you download a fresh copy and simply re-install it over the old version.

It's our hope that this software helps you get more value out of, whether or not you subscribe to our premium services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem with the news tablet or suggestions on how to improve it!

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