Newswire: Job Hunting 101

Peter Boulware is no fool, and he's not horribly dull, either. Here's Barry's recap of a surprisingly full Tuesday newswire...

My experience with the job interviewing process is limited, because I graduated college and then went to work for the same company for about fifteen years.

I did do some interviewing a few years ago, though, and there are a couple of things I remember.

One of those things is not to diss a potential employer in the press.

So, for example, you won't be able to go back to 2001 and see quotes from me describing Cleveland-area employers as a "bunch of lunkheads" or "unwashed mental defectives useful only in that they have money to give me".

Saying such things in the media would, as unlikely as it seems, probably have diminished my chances for making a living wage. 

Fortunately, in my case, I had no opportunity to slip up because the media has no interest in horribly dull people. They do, however, have an interest in guys like ex-Ratbird linebacker Peter Boulware, who now finds himself being asked questions about potential employers.

Leading off today's newswire, Boulware passes a very basic IQ test because he has only nice things to say about potential employers, our beloved Cleveland Browns being an example of such. Both Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage are singled out for effusive praise from Boulware in the article by the PD's Mary Kay Cabot.

Another advantage of not being horribly dull and, in fact, having recorded 67.5 instances of smashing into unfortunate opposing quarterbacks, is that there is a long list of people who want to talk to you.

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli, who is now big enough in the world of sports journalism to leave passé concepts like "brevity" behind him, confirms Boulware's long list of potential employers in a typically long article. The Browns are quite clearly on that list, along with half of the NFL.

A personal favorite among today's articles, and not just because he is also a contributor, is Mike McLain's piece on the Cleveland Browns athletes who are the opposite of how Kellen Winslow is perceived.

McLain cites Andra Davis, Terrelle Smith, and Daylon McCutcheon as examples of players who are quietly focused on their jobs and providing for their families. This echoes with me, as one of my strongest memories of the time I spent in the locker room last year was chatting with Daylon McCutcheon (in the midst of contract talks) as he held onto his 18-month-old son.

Elsewhere, the Canton Rep's Steve Doerschuck had made the case that the Browns could potentially benefit from talking to recently released Patriots NT Keith Traylor. Today, he updates his musing with the news that Traylor is no longer available.

It's hard not to share Doerschuck's concern about the Browns depth at the nose tackle position.

Finally, there are two articles today (one by the Beacon-Journal's Pat McManamon and the other courtesy of the Associated Press) on how Jim Brown is trying to help undo the damage from Kellen Winslow's crotch rocket ride and the aftermath.

Brown is talking to the various executives of Kellen Winslow II Sports Enterprises and Media Silence, LLP about perhaps, you know, explaining himself and maybe apologizing to Browns fans.

While this particular topic might allow me to use the term "lunkhead" twice in a single article, I'll refrain.

Actually, no, I won't.

- Barry

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