Newswire: Love in the Springtime

Peter and the Browns... Browns and Peter... Love and money is in the air!

A recap and some opinions about today's Browns news stories, presented courtesy of a balky laptop desperately connecting to the Internet from within the bowels of the Browns window-less media room. Yahoo! readers should visit for the version of the article which contains links...

Earlier this week, Peter Boulware let the world know of his unrequited love for the Cleveland Browns. Yesterday, the Browns let the world know of their love for Peter Boulware.

Ah, it's springtime! The flowers are in bloom! Love and dollar signs are spewed across the land.

Boulware became a subject of conversation when the team fed the media by allowing them to question Andra Davis and Gary Baxter during passing camp. Phil Savage also dropped by for a few minutes.

The Ravens linebacker came up in all three interviews, as Gary Baxter admitted that, yes, he is talking to Boulware frequently and pimping Cleveland. Savage, of course, was asked about his interest in Boulware, and confirmed that, yes, he likes the idea of Cleveland having a pass rush and, yes, Boulware would help to provide one.

I asked Andra Davis if he would welcome Boulware as well, and he told me, very nicely, "Of course, you clueless dork". I think, specifically, he mentioned that he is a great player and they would be better with him, but if they don't get him, the team will move on. Andra is too nice of a guy to point out that I'm a clueless dork.

A similar subject is Romeo Crennel's recasting of the Browns defense into a 3-4 scheme.

To me, it was interesting to hear the relative differences in enthusiasm for the defense from Browns vet Davis and recent Ratbird Gary Baxter.

Davis said "football is football" and suggested that a shift between defenses was, for him, not a radical change. He was in the middle before, and not he (and Ben Taylor) are in the middle.

Cornerback Baxter displayed a higher level of enthusiasm for the defense when questioned, however, offering that he believes it will lead the team to a more exciting and difficult-to-predict form of defense. He spoke at length of the differences for defensive backs between the two schemes. We'll have the sound clips available in Hot News and, perhaps, during next week's radio show.

Savage spent about 15 minutes talking to the press, and Boulware was not the only subject of discussion. The situation with Winslow also came up, and Savage basically said nothing about the tight end's contract and whether any refunds are in the offing.


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