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Stories on Peter Boulware, L.J. Shelton, and Kenard Lang highlight today's newswire...


Here are this morning's Browns-related newspaper stories, presented to you in a single handy article by a guy who pauses long enough in his deep deliberation of Cleveland football issues to say things like "The bus is coming!", "Listen to your mother!", and "That wasn't me - that was the dog".

Browns fans reading this article via Yahoo! Sports should visit to get the full impact of the webmaster's devious use of "hyperlinking" techniques.

See? What did I tell you yesterday?

The news opportunities were ripe for the plucking yesterday, and this hazy Cleveland Friday morning greets us with a robust newswire, full of informational goodness.

Leading off the newswire today is Mary Kay Cabot and Tony Grossi's succinct recap of three major stories: Winslow's injury, Boulware's visit, and L.J. Shelton's visit. Grossi's story is the first mention of Shelton and the Browns outside of the rumors which had shown up on the Bernie's Insiders forums.

The Watercooler was stirred up last week when a forum visitor who said that he had information that Shelton was coming to town this week. He returned the other day with information about Shelton's visit. Naturally, forum visitors took the information with the proverbial grain of salt and a healthy dose of skepticism. From the looks of things, it appears the info was right on the money.

The Plain Dealer also has the Friday column from Roger Brown, who talks about the contrast between Ryan Tucker and Ross Verba as well as some things he picked up yesterday during the Browns media time.

Being the biggest fishwrap in town, the PD picks up a lot of criticism, and some of it is valid. I will say this, in all fairness: Tony Grossi asks some of the best questions I've heard in news conferences, and I see Roger Brown in Berea a lot more than some of the local radio sports guys who criticize him regularly.

Yesterday, Grossi asked defensive coordinator Todd Grantham a couple of questions on why the Browns seem focused on changing their personnel to fit the 3-4, when most teams usually shift between a 4-3 and 3-4 defense based on their personnel. That was was a very insightful question, and similar to something we were asked last Tuesday on the Bernie's Insiders Radio Show. I will post Grantham's answer in an upcoming article.

Steve Doerschuck and Pat McManamon, meanwhile, was able to follow up with Phil Savage last night and get the latest on what was going on with Peter Boulware. As we reported yesterday, Boulware left town to head to Seattle. We're hearing from sources in Seattle that Boulware is getting the red carpet treatment there. More on the Boulware visit to Seattle shoule be expected later today on Seahawks.Net.

The Canton Repository and the Browns Official Site, meanwhile, offered their separate views of Kenard Lang's time with the media yesterday.

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