The Browns are here and are extremely visible. A couple rumors on the Browns and just who they could be looking at.

The 2002 NFL/College Player Combines in Indianapolis, is the latest version of the greatest show on earth.

Getting into the event was a difficult task, as we hadn't fully planned to travel to Indianapolis. Our spur-of-the-moment idea, yet will pay off.

After going through some security measures and a couple phone calls, I was able to get into the greatest show on earth. An influential ex-employer just happened to save the day for me.

Now that we are past that, we can get onto some of the football news and rumors.

There are players, agents, NFL team representatives for as far as the eye can see. This event would make you believe that this is a MASH convention, there are medical personnel at every turn.

Agents are putting out fires on college players, while talking up their own free agent players to NFL team General Managers.

This is what we know and some of "WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD".

As first reported by Pat McManamon of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Browns have had some discussions with the agent for running back Garrison Hearst. Lets just say at this time that the talks have gone past the 'hi, how you doing stage'.

The Browns have talked with representatives from the New Orleans Saints about running back Ricky Williams, while in Indianapolis.

There has been some conversation between the Browns and the agents for free agent offensive linemen Victor Riley and Steve McKinney.

Robert Griffith, a free agent safety from the Minnesota Vikings wants to play in Cleveland for defensive coordinator Foge Fazio, The Insiders have learned.

Two Miami Hurricanes players to watch as the draft approaches in regards to the Browns: Jeremy Shockey and Martin Bibla. 

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