The Combines are in full swing and we are there. The journey was difficult, but we have some goods coming out of Indy.

Pushed for time as the events surrounding the Combines in Indianapolis are in high-gear, this is what we have seen and this is "WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD".

The Browns have talked with representatives of the New Orleans Saints, regarding running back Ricky Williams. The Insiders have learned that the talks have been extremely slow and the Browns have informed the Saints that they will not give up a number-one draft choice for Williams.

The Insiders have been told that the Browns are exploring options to trade up to the early portion of the draft to acquire offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie.

Friday afternoon, The Insiders were informed that the Browns have talked with the representatives for running back Garrison Hearst, safety Robert Griffith, and offensive tackle Victor Riley. These talks have gone beyond the 'hi, how you doing stage, from what we've been told.

Onto the college players at Indy!

The Combines are a time where a workout warrior has an opportunity to catch the eye of some NFL personnel members. From what was observed Friday, one Miami Hurricanes player has become the talk of the combines.

Offensive guard from the University of Miami, Martin Bibla came into the combines and caught the eye of numerous NFL team representatives. The Insiders have been informed that Bibla did at least 35 reps with the standard 225-pound weight in his workout.

Mike Williams, offensive tackle from Texas appeared overweight, but NFL personnel that we talked with Friday didn't seem to be concerned with his weight.

Offensive tackle from the University of Florida, Mike Pearson, in some cormers believed to be a bit soft in the run blocking department, hoisted 25-reps at 225-pounds.

University of Miami players Ed Reed, Bryant McKinnie, and Najeh Davenport tell The Insiders that they will workout at the Pro-days workout in Miami on March 7th.

Levi Jones, offensive tackle from Arizona State was in great spirits and tells The Insiders that he believes he will be a first round draft selection.

The Insiders had the opportunity to speak briefly with running back William Green from Boston College. Green was excited to be at the combines, said he believed that he lifted 26-reps, and is ready for the grind in the NFL.


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