<B>DEAD RUMOR ALERT. DO NOT POKE THIS RUMOR WITH A STICK... IT'S DEAD FOR SURE.</B><BR> Add Marvin Jones to the list of players who could possibly man the "mike" for the orange and brown.

3/3/02: Marvin Jones, we barely knew ye. The New York Jets, tuned as always to this web site 24x7 (yeah), apparently saw the Web Buzz go up last night, panicked, and started throwing loads of cash at Marvin Jones, conveniently stuffed into ready-to-carry bags (obscure Monty Python reference). ESPN tells us it's a five-year, $12 million deal. Actually, they didn't tell "us", they told everyone, but we went there and cut-and-pasted the link. Say goodnight, Marvin. (AB_

3/2/02: For those who don't know, the "mike" position is used as the Captain of the defense, stuffing the run, manning the middle and generally knowing how to play the MLB position. (You might not know that because as some observers have noted, the Browns have chosen not to utilize the MLB position for the first three years and have rather chosen to play with 10 men on the field... Or so it seems...) (CP)

Here's the story, courtesy of the KFFL Newswire:

16:57 PT: The New York Daily News reports the Cleveland Browns have expressed an interest in free agent LB Marvin Jones, who was recently released by the New York Jets.

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