While nightmares of Roy Barker and Terry "Shufflestep" Kirby as an everydown back continue to plague us, a potential useful ex-Niner could be headed to C-town. Garrison Hearst is causing some web buzz.




3/6/2002: Hearst is expected to remain in Cleveland today talking with the club. With the Browns (seemingly) out of the Williams chase, the team is claiming publicly that they are going to go after Hearst hard. This may have (intended) ripple effects to the Saints who would be seeing one of their bidders disappear.

3/5/2002: Activity continues tonight around Hearst. As multiple stories come in claiming that the Browns are either madly after Ricky Williams or aren't in the running, Hearst plays a key role. The Browns, Dolphins, and Saints aren't the only ones posturing, though. There are a couple of teams convinced that Hearst is the answer, and his old hometown of Atlanta contains one of them. Hearst's agent goes to pains to point out that Atlanta is Hearst's hometown and that he's seriously considering the Falcons. Hearst will be in Atlanta at the end of the week, and will then venture on to the Dolphins if they haven't traded for Ricky Dreadlocks by then.

3/4/2002: This one went from 0-to-60 in one blurb, as news of Garrison Hearst and the Browns mutual interest exploded over the weekend. Either the ABJ's Pat McManamon or CNN/SI's Don Banks was the first with it on Friday, followed quickly by many others. CBS Sportsline offers that Atlanta is interested as well, and the Official 49ers Official Site offered up the pablum for the folks on the bay that maybe Hearst could be retained. (Yeah, right). The Plain Dealer dove a little deeper on Saturday, suggesting that the fit between the Browns and Hearst is pretty darn good. Another town that thinks its a good fit for Hearst is Atlanta, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked about Hearst's history there and his hometown ties. Meanwhile, Miami is driving down the Saints price and hedging their bets by talking loudly about inviting Hearst in as well. Is that enough links for ya? (AB)

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