Web Buzz: Robert Griffith

The never-ending parade of players coming to join their old coaches may continue in Berea. This time, it's Vikings strong safety Robert Griffith who is entertaining the notion of a reunion with his old coach, Foge Fazio.




3/6/2002: CNN/SI's Don Banks must have a good contact somewhere in Minnesota, because he's the first to report that the Browns have signed Robert Griffith to a four-year, $15 million deal. Banks was also the first to report that Carter was going to visit Cleveland. Could he be getting his information from.... nah... couldn't be.... Carter & Griffith's agent? Hmmm. Dunno. Anyhow, Banks says that Griffith's in the fold and he's one of those mainstream media types so that's good enough for us. Of course, the mainstream media jumped on board the 1st-pick-for-Williams bandwagon the other day like it was a beer truck at Mardi Gras. Then, the Browns denied that a first-round pick was ever offered. This is all confusing. Until the Browns come out to say that Griffith is actually an alien from outer space that they would never sign with real money, I'm going to believe Banks and figure this is a done deal.

3/4/2002: The notion of Robert Griffith as a potential Brown has been around for a while, but really only hit the media this weekend. A number of sources reported that Griffith would visit Cleveland and, lo and behold, he's in Berea on Monday. Not only is Griffith visiting Cleveland, but Vikings Update reports that a source reveals to them the he is the Browns Number One Priority. Clearly, Davis feels that further defensive upgrades are possible, and yet another free agent will take a shot at filling the void at safety. The Plain Dealer notes that Griffith is in his ninth season, but that Foge likes him a lot. This isn't a done deal, though, as the Trenton Times reports that Griffith has also expressed an interest in the Eagles as a possible destination. The Star-Tribune is mulling over the possibility that the Vikes might lose Griffith and mentions Cleveland a couple of times as possible destinations for soon-to-be-ex-Vikings.

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