Web Buzz: Kenard Lang

He asked for a pickup truck full of cash in Washington and, oddly enough, Dan "Certifiable" Snyder didn't give it to him. Now he's looking around, and the Browns are looking back.




3/5/2002: Time to send this rumor on its way to a happy (hopefully) afterlife. As about 20 tips on the tipline indicated (and thanks to all you Dawgs, BTW) during the afternoon, the Browns have indeed signed Lang to a 5-year $17 million deal to play on the team's defensive line in the coming years. Since Lang can play either tackle or end, he gives Davis increased flexibility. An interesting item in the contract is the existence of a large bonus between Year 2 and Year 3, which might provide the moment for the Browns to exit the deal if Lang is deemed worth the rapidly escalating pay he would get in Years 4 and 5. Here's the official Browns spin on today's activities, including Lang's signing.

3/4/2002: Of course, everyone knows by now that Lang visited the Browns on Monday. What Lang has going for him, as Mary Kay pointed out on Saturday, is that Garcia recruited him for Miami and Davis digs him a lot. The downside here, and it is a big one, is that Lang asked the Redskins for a $10 million signing bonus. Ack. That ended conversations in Washington and it just might end them quickly in Cleveland as well. We know by now, however, that old friends of Davis and Garcia will get a look-see by the Browns, and that seems to be what went on today.

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