Newswire: Happy Father's Day!

A nicely full newswire for a mid-June Sunday morning...

You have to love Sunday mornings.

The world is quiet. If your house is like mine, the kids sleep in and parents can get a few minutes of peace before the chatter of voices and the blare of televisions indicate that the day has begun for everyone.

The thick Sunday paper arrives with a healthy "thump" on the driveway, sidewalk, mailbox, front yard, or other random location.

I used to be able to sit on the floor and spread the newspaper out all around me, but grew out of that habit when young children (and now a dog with an attention-deficit disorder of some sort) realized that crawling or walking on the paper was an immediate way to grab Dad's attention.

Such compromises aside, I've always enjoyed spending part of Sunday morning with a huge newspaper and a cup of coffee.

That giant stack of newsprint on Sunday morning usually means that, somewhere around the "Lifestyles" section and the comics, one can find the best Sports section of the week.

Here in Cleveland, the Indians are grabbing the headlines right now (eight in a row!), but there's still some Browns news to be found for the hard-core fan looking for a fix in the middle of June.

What I do, and I guess it's the cyber-equivalent of spreading out a newspaper in front of you, is go to the Live Bookmark for the Bernie's Insiders Newswire in Firefox and select "Open All in Tabs". Then, in a flash, I've got a bunch of Browns articles spread out before me.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, with its huge circulation and two full-time Browns reporters, is a pretty good bet to have something worth checking out, and today is no exception. Tony Grossi's Sunday column focuses on the quarterback situation, particularly the readiness of Josh Harris or Charlie Frye if Trent Dilfer were to be injured.

In Ask the Insiders and on the Bernie's Insiders Radio Show (Tuesdays at 9PM on, we've been saying that the Browns will be closely monitoring the progress of Harris (pictured, while at BGSU) and Frye, and will pull in a veteran quarterback if needed. We also reported on the tryout of Doug Johnson at QB. Grossi's analysis is a pretty close fit with ours.

As good as Tony's column is, you have to hate how Cleveland Live now chops all the Plain Dealer articles into little tiny bits so you have to click through several pages to read them all. I guess I shouldn't be hard on people trying to make a living off the web, but it's annoying anyway. (Mutter)

Someone looking to understand Phil Savage's grand plan for re-building the Browns should closely examine Pat McManamon's Sunday column as well. Pat looks at the key elements of Savage's plan, which includes bringing players to Cleveland that can instill some pride among fans. It's been a long time, as all the aging Kosar and Spielman jerseys you see in the Stadium clearly show.

The third column of note today is Steve Doerschuk's look at defensive lineman Ellery Moore. The lineman, who appears to have matured considerably in recent years, was the focus of a documentary called "Go Tigers!". His long-shot quest to make the team makes a nice way to round off a pleasantly surprising Sunday Newswire.

I hope all you Dads out there have the opportunity to get a few minutes to enjoy it. Happy Father's Day!

- BDMc


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