The Cleveland Browns claim they did not offer their first-round draft selection for Ricky Williams.<p> The Insiders sources and comments coming out of New Orleans tell a much different tale.

The Cleveland Browns claim that they never offered their first-round draft selection for Ricky Williams.

The Insiders learned Monday that the Browns had made a couple of proposals to the New Orleans Saints for the talented running back.

Adding to the source of information The Insiders received, New Orleans General Manager, Randy Mueller was quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, via the New Orleans Times-Biscayne that the Browns indeed offered their first-round selection to the Saints in a package proposal.

Several other league sources and news agencies have reported that the Browns have offered proposals that include the Browns first selection in the 2002 NFL Draft.

While information differs on this subject, The Insiders stand-by their breaking report of the offer.

We're sure there is more to come in the ongoing saga of Ricky Williams.

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