Crennel, Browns Get Involved

The Browns head coach is engaged in two community efforts today.

Romeo Crennel is getting involved in some community events before taking a well-deserved break later this month.

The charity begins at noon today when the Browns head coach donates over 50 pairs of pants worn by the Browns coaching staff in 2004 to Career Gear Cleveland. The non-profit organization helps men who have been through job training programs land actual work by providing motivation, support, and clothing.

Hopefully, the pants are not cursed by the fate of the 2004 coaching staff, most of whom found themselves seeking employment early in 2005. The good news is that most of them found employment and, in some cases, promotions.

Crennel then moves on to Patrick Henry Middle School in Cleveland. With the Browns rookie class in tow, Crennel will help the school kick off renovations to the Bump Taylor Football Field made possible through a $200,000 grant from the NFL Grassroots program.

The helpers from Berea will participate in a little painting and landscaping to launch the effort. Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell will descend on the festivities to do whatever it is that mayors do in situations like this.

The NFL has set aside $150 million for the NFL Youth Football Fund in total, and the NFL Grassroots program is part of that. Another non-profit organization, ParkWorks, is involved in helping to administer the grant.

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