Newswire: Volcanoes and Cincy Sinkholes

Antonio Bryant just refuses to blow up, while Hamilton County tries to get its money back

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It's a question that occasionally pops up on Ask the Insiders: "Isn't Antonio Bryant on thin ice?"

One would think that the Browns, with their limited tolerance for anything hinting of a less than 100% commitment to "team" vs. "self" might be glancing nervously at Bryant, who came to Cleveland with a reputation for volatility.

After all, this is the guy whose head would explode on the sidelines at the University of Pittsburgh, and who constantly irritated the always-irritate-able Bill Parcells in Dallas.

But in Cleveland? Well, there's been none of that. Unfortunately, we haven't seen the dominant wide receiver many predicted that Bryant would become, either.

Carlos "Big C" Holmes focuses on Bryant in his article today in the Dayton Daily News. Bryant is forecasting a 0% probability of eruptions, which should help him keep a roster spot in Cleveland for some time to come. With that under control, hopefully some receptions will follow for Bryant, who dreams of finding some consistency in offensive coordinators or quarterbacks in the future.

While Bryant has been a feel-good-so-far story, another tale which has had a good vibe to it for three years running is that of linebacker Andra Davis. Davis fell to the fifth round of the draft due to injury and has been on an uphill curve since.

In 2005, he is becoming a leader on defense. As indicated by this article in Suwannee Democrat, Davis may be a leader in the eyes of local kids as well. The story details a parade to be given in Davis' honor in his hometown.

One guy who should not be expecting any hometown parades in, well, ever, is ex-Moreland Hills dirtball Art Modell. The local traitor hasn't been able to wave much since he tore a very tiny muscle in his stabbin' arm placing a shiv in our backs almost ten years ago, anyway.

Uncle Artie may be bumming a little inside based on a ruling this week out of Cincinnati. Hamilton County has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the Bengals and the National Football League alleging that the Bengals fibbed about their finances and used their "monopoly power" to extort a lavish new stadium at public expense.


The NFL has a "monopoly"? And they're exploiting it?

Who'da thunk it?

While we let this disturbing new information sink in, we can perhaps ponder the plight of the league itself, which might have its ledger - written all in black ink with lots of zeroes we're assuming - exposed to the scrutiny of mere mortals. Or attorneys that represent those mere mortals, at any rate.

Included in the records demanded by the court are documents relating to the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore in 1995.

Gulp! There's something that's not going to see the light of day.

The odds are that the NFL will scramble to keep these records as private as possible. Expect an out-of-court settlement to make Hamilton County suddenly richer.

If and when that happens, guess what that "NFL monopoly" will do.

Sacrifice profit margin? Force owner's wives to cut back on purchases of diamond-encrusted dental floss?

Yeah, right.

Maybe we can cut out the middleman and just send $20 apiece to Hamilton County.

- BDMc

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