...but they aren't alone in offering deal to Wali's potential replacement

The days of Wali Rainer as the Browns' starting middle linebacker could be coming to a merciful end, The Insiders has learned.
Steve Baker, the agent for free-agent MLB Kailee Wong, has informed The Insiders that both the Browns and Texans have made firm offers to his client.  Wong, who visited Cleveland on Monday and Houston today, is expected to decide within the next 24 hours which offer he will grab.
Baker also added that a decision could come as early as tonight.
"Kailee had positive visits in both places," Baker said a short time ago.
"Both teams have made similar offers, now it's just a matter of him deciding whether he wants to be a MLB in a 4-3 [defense in Cleveland], or a pass-rushing outside 'backer in [Houston head coach] Dom Capers' 3-4 [defense].  One thing is certain: this won't be primarily a financial decision."
Baker also stated that Wong and Robert Griffith, the safety signed by the Browns last night, are very close and that Griffith's signing certainly helps Cleveland's efforts in signing his client.

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