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The Cleveland Browns have dealt a conditional future seventh-round pick for disappointing Miami RB J.J.Johnson. Meanwhile, Cris Carter digs himself a hole that he can't climb out of.

The tipline has been flooded this evening (thanks Dawgs!) with the news that the Browns have traded a conditional seventh round pick to the Dolphins for the services of J.J. Johnson. The Browns will be forced to give up the pick only if Johnson makes the team.

Johnson was a stud coming out of Mississippi State in 1999, and was selected fairly high in the second round by the Dolphins. After getting a shot in 1999 with 164 carries, Johnson found himself getting pushed back on the depth chart by 2001. Johnson averaged 3.4 yards a carry in both 1999 and 2000. With the recent signings of Robert Edwards and today's blockbuster trade for Ricky Williams, the Dolphins clearly no longer had room on their roster for Johnson.

Browns fans in the Watercooler responded to the news with somewhat less than overwhelming joy, but some hope that Johnson might be able to ressurrect his career with the Browns. There's some good information on Johnson's college feats in the above link. 

Meanwhile, the Browns told Cris Carter "Thanks but no thanks" after his recent faux pas with the Browns in St. Louis. In a rather odd tale, apparently Carter got stuck in Cleveland and thought the Browns were about to make him a lucrative ($4 million per) offer. He managed to irritate the Rams and in attempting to extricate himself, managed to annoy the Browns front office and fire up the dawgs with his comments.

Now, Carter is a man without a team, and without many prospects of one in the near-term. The Rams probably saved about a half-million per year because of Carter's poor handling of the situation (note webmaster prediction that he winds up with the Rams anyway). The market for 36-year-old wide recievers, even ones with a shot at the Hall of Fame, can't bear the irritation of two suitors in 48 hours.

Say goodnight, Cris.

- AB


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