Boulware Apparently Not the Answer

Les Levine takes a look at the Boulware situation. Plus, thoughts on the change at the quarterback position, and the surprising trio that remains at running back...

Phil Savage must not have been very impressed with the workout of LB Peter Boulware recently, or he would have been signed by now.  The Browns have so many needs on the defensive side of the ball,  you would assume that if Boulware could play at his previous level the Browns would find a place for him on the roster. 

There are indications that if he would accept a low salary and a limited role, then the Browns would be interested.  The selling point on that would be to have Boulware understand that nobody is yet ready to take him on as a starter at a high salary, but he could take the season---at a reduced salary and role---and prove himself for next season.

His attitude alone would be a good reason for the Browns to take a chance on him, but that won't happen until Boulware realizes that he doesn't have many options.

After the signing of RB Reuben Droughns a couple of months ago, I never figured that the Browns would go to training camp with three running backs.  I assumed that Lee Suggs would be kept ahead of William Green, but now it appears all three will compete for playing time.  Some of that was forced by the fact that the Browns couldn't get anything reasonable in exchange for Green, the one-time first round pick in the draft, but it is not a bad problem to have.

The real problem is that all three have as many negatives as positives.  Until proven otherwise, Droughns will be thought of as a product of the successful Denver system.  Suggs has a history of injuries, and you never know what you are going to get on a game- to-game basis with Green, who also has a problem holding onto the ball.

Ideally you'd like to take the positives of the three backs and combine them into one.  Since that won't happen, the running back battle will be one of the most interesting ones to watch as training camp opens next week.

There doesn't seem to be a great amount of enthusiasm for Trent Dilfer as he takes over the Quarterback position for the Browns.  I am sure that is because of the image he has as a QB who doesn't do much to win games, but doesn't screw up, either.  That tag was thrown on him prior to his Super Bowl win with Baltimore, and has stayed with him throughout his career.  From my point of view, I've got twice as much faith in Dilfer going into training camp as I ever had with Kelly Holcomb or Jeff Garcia.  And I think his teammates feel the same way.  Holcomb always had a divided locker room, and Garcia alienated almost everyone, despite his previous success in San Francisco.  Dilfer has impressed his teammates with his attitude, and that is half the battle, something Holcomb and Garcia never figured out here.

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