Free Agent Watch: Monday Recap

The Browns hosted five free agents in Berea today, including three offensive linemen. The team signed Tyrone Rogers and four other defensive players. Plus, news on Cris Carter, Earl Holmes, LaRoi Glover and more!


The Browns continued their frentic off-season activity on Monday, as a series of minor transactions resulted in players on the 2001 roster signing contract extensions.

Contract Signings

The Browns today announced a number of tender offers which had been accepted, all by defensive players. CB Earthwind Moreland ($375,000), DT Devone Claybrooks ($300,000), DEs Mark Word ($300,000) and Felipe Claybrooks ($300,000) all signed one-year deals. Most of these players were not with the team in 2000, having been signed by Davis before or during the 2001 season. Tyrone Rogers signed a two-year deal worth $450,000 next year and $750,000 in 2003. Most fans view these as minor signings, although the dollars being bandied about are anything but minor to most of us.

Free Agent News

We'll start up some of Web Buzzes again this week, but first let's catch up with some of the players that the Browns have been pursuing.

Browns Host Five Players: The team's official site reported today that the Browns hosted linebackers Earl Holmes and Shawn Barber as well as offensive linemen Frank Middleton, Chris Naeole, and Todd Washington. There is no word as of yet regarding any contract offers or potential signings.

Earl Holmes: About two weeks ago, a noted national columnist offered up the strong possibility that the Browns would sign Earl Holmes on the first day of free agency. BZZZZZT! Wrong. In fact, Holmes has been disappointed in the lack of attention he has been getting during the free agency season. While Sam Cowart, Kailee Wong, and London Fletcher have all found new homes, Holmes has been waiting for the phone to ring. Well, it finally has as Holmes has attracted the attention of the Browns as well as the Texans and the Steelers themselves. Holmes will visit the Texans on Tuesday.

La'Roi Glover: Tonight, Channel 3 news announced at 6PM that the Browns were close to signing Glover. Somewhere around the same time, however, the Dallas Cowboys Official internet spin machine was reporting on how entranced Glover was with the Cowboys. The "columnist" Mickey Spagnola offered his views on Glover's visit and the importance of the Cowboys having an actual pass rush. Granted this information is on an Official Site and therefore should be considered about as objective as a Pepsi taste test conducted by the Coca-Cola Corporation, but Spagnola offers up that Glover extended his stay until dinner... which is supposed to have us believe that Glover is more interested in the Cowpokes than the buzz around a Browns signing would have us believe.

Cris Carter: Carter's agent, Mitch Frankel, is convinced that the Browns may still sign the Vikings WR. Miami was also mentioned as an option. Similar words of encouragement were not forthcoming from Berea this afternoon.

Last, but Not Least. Well, Actually Least.

Old friend Stalin Colinet has signed a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Colinet was originally obtained by the Browns in exchange Jerry Ball back in 1999 and served ably until he was dealt back to the Vikings. A free agent, Colinet found a willing buyer in the salary-cap-conscious Jags.

As noted on the tipline this afternoon, the Bills may wind up cutting Jay Riemserma. Browns fans may remember back to a recent off-season when the Browns were convinced that the Bills TE would sign with the team, only to be sorely disappointed when he re-upped with the Bills. He may soon be available at a bargain price.

Tom Tupa participated in a "punt-off" today, as he attempts to latch on with the Vikings. There aren't any web reports on how well he did.



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