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3/19 Wire: Sweet 16 and 1-800-TATTLES

It's March Madness time and the Browns made it to their own version of the Sweet 16 yesterday. Carmen Policy headed down to Atlanta yesterday where he deferred to Falcons owner Arthur Blank to make the call on the flip. The Browns won and that's all that matters if you ask me! In other news, FA Victor Riley is going to be suspended for one game this season for violations of the leagues personal conduct policy. <a href="">More</a>

Way to go Victor! Maybe this situation will bring down his enormous contract demands and the Browns can sign him – then again, maybe not. Now, time to turn back time and focus our attention on that infamous day in Cleveland last season when the crybaby Jags were in town. I'm sure you remember that game don't you? We had some situations going on during that game on December 16th; something about a referee changing the rules in the middle of the game, something about some upset fans showing there displeasure of having a referee royally shaft them and their team, something about bottles. Anyway, it seems that head of Browns security Lew Merletti is "tightening the dawg collar" and setting up a system so that fans can "tattle" on other fans. Wooo Hooo - glad to see that the organization is focusing their attention on important issues right now, and I assure you my fellow Dawgs, that they are also doing extensive background checks on all their potential draft picks so we don't have another "Pharms" incident. Yeah, RIGHT!

The NFL is also considering a 'flexible schedule' for this upcoming seasons games. The NFL plans on switching some late season Sunday afternoon games to Monday night to try and attract more viewers and make more $$$ cause they obviously haven't been able to make enough with $6.00 beers and raising ticket prices, maybe they need the $$$ to set up a 1-800-TATTLES number to get all those Browns Fans that attend away games. It sounds like a good idea but I will wait and reserve judgment on this until I see how they actually handle it, the last thing I want to do is have an entire weekend planed to go up North on Sunday and then have to change it all around cause they are moving the Browns to Monday Night football..... Wait a minute, oh, heck!! Sounds like a good idea to me!!!!!

The NFL 2002 season schedule should be out in the next couple of weeks!!!! See you Dawgs tomorrow!!!

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