Davis Wants to Return to Sideline

It's a question seen frequently on the forums: What is Butch Davis up to? Grant Hall, of Scout.com affiliate HawgsIllustrated.com, gives us an update as the one-time Razorback player returned to Arkansas and talked to the local media. Another Scout.com exclusive!

SPRINGDALE -- Butch Davis is enjoying life as a family man these days, but yes, he would like to get back into coaching.

Davis, a former University of Arkansas football player who coached both the University of Miami (Fla.) and the Cleveland Browns, was at Springdale Country Club on Thursday to watch his 12-year-old son, Drew, play in the Jack Karnes Memorial junior golf tournament.

Butch Davis grew up in Springdale, where his father, Paul, still has a home snugged against No. 18 at SCC.

"I'm enjoying being a fan," Davis said. "Drew likes to play golf, and he's played several tournaments this year."

Davis will also be a fan of both pro football and college football this fall, as he plans to attend quite a few games, including some college weekends with his family.

"I would be open to coaching either in pro football or in college," Davis said. "I'm going to do some TV analysis for the NFL Network starting in August, and also go to maybe four or five college games."

Davis will tape two shows per week for the NFL Network, beginning Aug. 18.

"We'll do a retrospective on the previous week's games, to air on Saturdays, and then a preview of the games coming up, to air on Sundays," Davis said. "The shows will run all the way to the Super Bowl."

Davis added, "It will be a way for me to stay involved and stay current with the game -- see how people do things. It's my understanding that the NFL Network may actually televise some games in the future."

Davis plans to attend several pro teams' practices on Monday and Tuesday, then take his family to some college campuses on Friday and Saturday.

"I've never had a chance to be a fan," Davis said. "It will be fun to be with my family and get a fan's perspective. I'm planning to come to Arkansas one weekend, and I want to see the Army-Navy game."

Davis has continued to live in Cleveland, Ohio, where he still has his home.

"There was no point in making a move until there was a reason to," Davis explained. "It would affect Drew the most. He's going into the seventh grade this fall."

Davis is still receiving compensation from the Browns, and any new job he might take could affect his contractual situation with Cleveland.

Meanwhile, he's enjoying some quality family time in Springdale.

"I didn't get to play the Chick-A-Tee tournament here the last few years," Davis said. "There was usually a quarterback camp, or some other conflict."

Gary Karnes, the founder and organizer of the Jack Karnes tourney, asked Davis to speak to the junior golfers before today's round.

"That will be kind of nice," Davis said. "I'll probably just talk for four or five minutes."

Davis didn't attend the Top Gun QB1 Challenge in Springdale on Wednesday night, but did see some taped highlights on television.

"That's a great thing for these kids," Davis said. "Another thing that has really helped is all the 7-on-7 games. They were all the rage on the West Coast for years, even back when I was an assistant at Oklahoma State, and now they've caught on everywhere."

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