Ask the Insiders: Lane's Back!

Lane Adkins is back, recuperated, and he's returned to Ask the Insiders. Of course, you know what that means! Here's the latest word on draft pick signings, trade rumors, rattled punters, and other Browns news. You want the straight scoop? You got it!

MikeHey: Frye and McMillan... Lane, when will these two be in camp?

Lane Adkins: Have only heard that talks have progressed reasonably well.

Mikehey: How far apart are they with edwards and poole?

Lane: Look for Frye and Mc in this upcoming week, and the team has had some recent progress in nego's with Pool.

Raine: Insiders, I have been hearing more and more grumbling about Charlie Fryes armstrength. The latest was from Roger Brown, which is less then reliable as a source, I know, but in conjunction with other stories I keep hearing....

What is the real story on Frye... does he have an NFL caliber arm or not?

Lane Adkins: Certainly isn't the strongest around, but he can make all the throws.......... The problem is he floats the ball more than occasionally, which the team is working on his mechanics and strength.

VBF: If a rookie and the team can agree to the number of years on a contract, and this year's dollars are a function of last year's, why can't a rookie sogn a general contract with provisions for "adjustments" that automatically kick in as other player sign and get their asses to camp on time? I know it's a business. But as a fan living in a trailer ;) , wrangling over a relative few dollars in a multi bazillion dollar deal makes the players look greedy.

Lane: Actually, the league is quietly pushing to have locked in salary slot salaries for drafted players...........

NJDawg77: Just read this, do you know if the Browns are one of the 4 teams mentioned below?

-- Gardner Set for Release --
Sat Jul 23, 2005 --from
ESPN's Len Pasquarelli reports WR Rod Gardner will be released before the Redskins report to training camp, in part because Washington needs the cap savings it will earn to sign its pair of first-rounders, and about four teams will pursue him as a free agent.

Lane: The Browns were a team of interest prior to the draft, I am uncertain if they remain an interested party at this time.

With the knowledge the team has discussed WR Andre Davis with the Seattle Seahawks (as we discuss in another thread), you never know.

Gardner is a 'big' receiver and the indications are this coaching/front office staff wants additional size at the position. 

ter6357: Who has the better season this year, Browns or Cowboys? When comparing the two, how do our two offenses stack up against each other, particularly at the RB position? Also, what are your first impressions of the new regime here? like, hate? feel like they need to slow down or accelerate the roster carnage? Thanks.

Lane: I believe the Cowboys are the better team at this time.

Mainly due to having a coaching staff in place for a couple years and that staff getting the type of players they prefer.

Offensively, the Browns are really an unknown. The potential for explosiveness exists with this Browns team with Edwards, Davis, Bryant, Northcutt at receiver and the running back position could surprise with an improved offensive line.

If protected, Drew Bledsoe will put up numbers in Dallas, they have a serious back Junior Jones and the offensive line should be much improved.

Personally, I take Jones over the trio in Cleveland.

As for this organization, I feel the right people are in place to bring this team and fans back to the forefront in time, but don't expect the immediate miracle.

Mikehey: why don't the browns get it thru there heads to sign these guys first then go a vacation? 3 years in a row they can't sign there first round pick in time for camp.

Lane: And break the string of non-signings?

Selecting a player in the 3rd, 6th, etc spot can be a difficult place to negotiate. With players selected immediately before or after being unsigned, many teams and agents are apprehensive to set the bar for negotiations.

Thus, we'll see Edwards sometime in August.

ILovedThe80s: Is this true? According to reports, the Cleveland Browns have signed Tyler Jones to a three-year contract. (Updated 07/14/2005). They suggest Tyler will be used a kickoff specialist. If this is true this should quiet down all the homers that wanted to draft Nugent in the FIRST ROUND and complained about Dawson's kickoffs. I actually got this from a fantasy league...almost too embarrassed to admit it, but news is slow these days.

Barry: It's a minor surprise... we reported that Tyler had been signed several weeks ago, but the length of the deal is interesting. He would have to be considered a kick-off specialist based on all I've heard.

Grumpy: I often wondered why we didn't use our punter on KICK OFFS. I thought Frost was suppose to be good on kick offs. why haven't we tried him?

Lane: Due to Frost's inconsistency he quickly fell out of favor with the former regime. Some from the past regime had a way about them that created some mental/confidence issues with players, especially younger players fighting for a spot, learning/gaining experience, etc.

Redright: Transition player at $2m a yr...good blocker, soft hands, never missed a game, best TE on the market and no takers. If Green Bay doesn't match an offer they get nothing. We have CAP space and Bubba would be the best TE since the return. Why haven't we shown an interest in Franks? Better blocker than any TE we have and a better pass receiver than anyone except KW2? Does this lack of interest in Bubba speak to our willingness to wait for KW2? What is your take on Bubba Franks?

Barry: I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here that I had heard murmers that the Browns actually had some interest in Franks. It was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, as the Browns have significantly greater needs at other positions.

Redright: Barry, the best I can tell is that Franks is an upgrade at receiving and blocking this year and next year, he and KW2 could be the best TE package in the NFL. With some development of our WRs we could have the best over-all pass receiving talent in the league next year. Wouldn't be ironic that with BD gone we hit the jackpot with two TEs from the U?

Lane: Nothing is happening regarding Franks and the Browns, from what I have been told.

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