Five Fantasy Questions: Browns

With fantasy football drafts coming up for many players, answers the five most difficult fantasy questions about the Cleveland Browns.

In this new feature, looks at the top five questions for all 32 teams that fantasy football participants will have to face in their drafts this summer.

Cleveland Browns

1. Is QB Trent Dilfer worth drafting? At one point in time earlier in his career with Tampa Bay, Dilfer wasn't a bad fantasy backup quarterback but that was a while ago. He's been mostly an NFL backup since then and is at the tail end of his career now with the Browns.

Dilfer certainly will have good options at receiver to work with and a decent running game. However, their offensive line is a huge question mark and it may take a while for them to gel.

Dilfer could actually have his moments where he surprises many but overall, he's best drafted as a fantasy backup where you might want to play him against teams with weak secondaries.

2. Who will emerge as their top running back? The starting job will be hotly contested between Lee Suggs and Reuben Droughns in training camp. While Suggs heads in to camp as the starter, keep in mind the team traded for Droughns so he'll be given every chance to win the job.

Both offer the team something different. Suggs offers speed and elusiveness and Droughns offers power. There is a chance, depending on the game plan that week, that who starts doesn't start the next week.

As of now, Suggs has more value but both backs will have pretty solid roles.

3. Who will be their starting receivers this season and are any of them worth drafting? Head coach Romeo Crennel said before camp started that Antonio Bryant and Dennis Northcutt are the current starters. However, Northcutt is much better coming off of the bench so look for rookie Braylon Edwards or veteran Andre Davis to take over that starting role.

Bryant looks like the most viable fantasy candidate on the roster at this point and is a pretty decent selection for depth in the second half of your draft.

Should Edwards get in to camp on time and get off to a good start, look for him to win the other starting job. But most rookie receivers don't do well so you should draft him after Bryant and as a backup.

4. Are any of their tight ends worth drafting? With starter Kellen Winslow out for the entire season, Steve Heiden and Aaron Shea will share playing time again with Shea being the most valuable of the two.

At times last season, Shea was pretty productive but because their passing game struggled so much, he wasn't consistent enough to put in your lineup every week.

If you generally like to keep two tight ends on your roster, grab Shea late as your backup.

5. Is their fantasy defense worth drafting? It's been a while since the Browns had a good fantasy defense and the team has gone through a plethora of changes on the defensive side of the ball this year. With that said, pass on them on draft day.


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