Camp: New Rushing Schemes Do Little

The offensive dominance of the morning continued on Monday afternoon, despite the installation of several new pass rushing schemes. More detailed information you can't get elsewhere!

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham began installing specific pass rush schemes for the linebackers in the afternoon practice Monday. The offensive line won most of the battles.

Left tackle L.J. Shelton looked particularly strong. He flattened linebacker Chaun Thompson and another time pushed aside end Alvin McKinley.

Thompson came back later in the drill and beat guard Enoch DeMar inside on a nice two-on-two rush.

Center Jeff Faine was beaten three times. Jason Fisk beat him on a straight rush up the middle and then Nick Eason did the same thing. After Faine was beaten the third time he clapped his hands in disgust.

Altogether, the afternoon practice was dull and sloppy. The players were in light pads, called shells, and shorts. They appeared tired after four straight practices in full pads - two on Saturday, one Sunday and one Monday morning.

Perhaps because of the fatigue, more mistakes than should be acceptable were made.

Trent Dilfer looked bad on back-to-back passes - one to Lee Suggs and one to Dennis Northcutt. Antonio Perkins should have intercepted the pass to Northcutt, but the ball hit Perkins in the hands and bounced away. Before the ball rolled to a stop, Northcutt dropped to the ground and did 10 pushups.

Throughout training camp the defense has had little success pressuring the quarterback in 11-on-11.

Monday evening the line was edgy and several times jumped offsides. It happened again late in practice when three players jumped early. Corey Jackson and two players whose numbers could not be seen had to do 10 pushups each.

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