Edwards Signing Imminent?

The gang at Bernie's Insiders is constantly reading the tea leaves, looking into crystal balls, and so forth. We don't know why, it just seems like a good idea. While we were fiddling around with such occult objects, we got the sense that Braylon Edwards may be about to sign on the dotted line. Here's why...

While practice in Berea today concluded with Braylon Edwards once more being absent, there are some signs that the signing of the third pick in the 2005 draft could be imminent. Here are some of the things we've heard:

1. A report out of the Chicago Tribune this morning suggested that the Browns had given Edwards a lucrative new proposal and that a decision could be made today.

2. Over the weekend, team President John Collins told reporters that the team is "beginning to run out of ideas". This sort of despairing posturing is often seen before a breakthrough in negotiations, as one side signals that there is no remaining negotiation room.

3. Rumors of a conference call being planned have reached the forums. This has not been confirmed by the team, nor has Bernie's Insiders been contacted with any media call information.

4. Pressure on Edwards to do a deal has been mounting, as Antonio Bryant has looked very good in camp, as have the other receivers. With the first pre-season game just days away, the media pressure is starting to mount. The Browns themselves ran a "commentary" from a former player via their Official Site on the subject.

We will report on any new details if and when they arrive.

LANE ADKINS COMMENTS: Both parties have been in significant negotiations. Indications are the length of the deal could be agreed upon, but hearing there are verbage and guaranteed dollar / signing bonus issues, but not overly major.

The attitude is one of optimism, which is a large step ahead of where this was 72-hours ago.



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