Camp Report: A Solid Fisk

Fred Greetham provides the first report from Tuesday morning's practice session, where he was able to talk to NT Jason Fisk. Fisk will be a critical component in the team's switch to a 3-4 defensive scheme, and he explains how he has had to adapt...

BEREA - The key word used to describe Jason Fisk's career has been ‘durable'.

"Knock on wood when you say that," Fisk said with a grin.

The 6-3, 300 pound veteran was brought in to anchor the nose tackle position in the Browns switch to the 3-4 defense.

Fisk has missed only two games during his 10-year NFL career—very impressive for someone who bangs around with an array of 300 pound linemen on every play.

"I guess I've been lucky because I'm always taking on a block," he said. "Part of my job is to occupy the gaps and free up the linebackers."

Fisk said he takes care of himself but credits some of his success to his Saturday pregame meal from Taco Bell. He says it includes the same four items each week: Mexican pizza, Nachos Supreme, Chicken Gorditas Supreme and a bean burrito.

Fisk said the Browns way of utilizing the 3-4 is a bit different than what he has used in the past.

"There has been an adjustment in the scheme the Browns run," Fisk said. "With this defense, I have to react before I attack, where in other systems we attacked first.

"I have to read what the center or guard is doing and then react to that," he said. "I have a split second to make the right decision."

Fisk has played with the Vikings, Titans, Chargers and now the Browns. He has 450 tackles to his credit, including 19 sacks. He also had three interceptions, five recovered fumbles and four forced fumbles in his career to his credit.  His best year was in 1999 when he had 80 tackles for the Titans and started in Super Bowl XXXIV against St. Louis, where he recorded a sack of quarterback Kurt Warner.

The Browns are counting on Fisk's durability as there is very little experience in the depth behind him. Rookie free agent Simon Fraser from Ohio State has taken some reps there as has third-year player Nick Eason and second-year player Amon Gordon. None of the three have started an NFL game.

For Starters: Romeo Crennel said the starters would play the first quarter against the Giants. He said there is an exception, however.

"The only way we'll give a starter more time is if they are in competition and are being rotated," Crennel said.  

Crennel mentioned the safety and running back positions as fitting the description. Sean Jones, Brian Russell and Chris Crocker have been rotating at the safety spot, with rookie Brodney Pool getting some reps. Lee Suggs, William Green and Reuben Droughns are rotating at the running back spot. However, Droughns has missed the last five days with a hamstring injury. Crennel is hoping Droughns will be back for Wednesday's practice. Green has looked good in practice and broke a long run in the 11-on-11 scrimmage.

Injury Update: Besides Droughns, OL Craig Osika (toe), TE Aaron Shea (hip) and CB Daylon McCutcheon (headaches) missed practice due to injury. LB Matt Stewart (thigh) was held out of team scrimmages for the second-straight day. General Manager Phil Savage said the situation with McCutcheon is causing some concern.

"It's getting to a point where we have to talk about it," Savage said.

"I know him and to see him in the training room, I know it's something to take seriously," linebacker Andra Davis said. "He wants to be back on the field."

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