Talk Browns Live! Tonight at 9PM EST!!

Exhibition game number one is in the books and you can talk about it tonight at 9PM EST with the Bernie's Insiders gang, regardless of where you live! It's FREE, it's STREAMED LIVE on the Internet, it has a TOLL-FREE LINE, it generates GRATUITOUS CAPITALIZATION! Here are the details...

Against all odds, the Radio Show returns to the Internet airwaves again this Tuesday evening at 9PM. The internet broadcast is free for all Browns fans.

What, you may ask, is the Radio Show? Here's the scoop:

Who's Involved? Rich Passan (bobblehead-pummelled host), Barry McBride (genial web dork) and the triumphant return of Lane Adkins.
When is It? Tuesday 9-11 PM EST or until everyone gives up
HUH? WTF? Cleveland Browns football talk, totally free, unexpectedly informed, foolishly uncensored, and occasionally opinionated.
How to Listen 1. Make sure you have Windows Media Player
How to Watch 1. Make sure you have Windows Media Player and a fast connection
How to Sue is not responsible for any resulting psychological trauma or nausea created by viewing the video stream. When in doubt, consult your physician. Neener, neener.
How to Call 1. Grab some sort of telephone device, activate finger
2. Dial 1-216-588-1918 (local) or 1-866-782-7142 (toll-free intergalactic)
How to Email Us Live 1. Crank up email client and send to
2. Click this instead: CLICK HERE (lazy)
How 2 Hurl Questions and Insults
Via Chat Room
1. Have Java enabled on your browser and click here
2. Have an IRC client and join the lobby on server Server, Port: 7152

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