Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale offers his thoughts as the pre-season kicks off...

Real Heros

I would like to applaud the Browns for honoring and bringing attention to our young men and women who serve our country. Recently the Browns invited Marine Gunnery Sargent Ryan Shane and Navy Petty Officer Joseph Roe, who were both wounded in Iraq, to attend training camp.

Browns guard Joe Andruzzi had this to say about the two men, ``I have a great deal of respect for those guys. A lot of them are young guys who want to go back and support their fellow soldiers. It puts what we do for a living in perspective.''

Yes Joe, football is only a game. As fans it is not wrong to admire the players who wear the brown and orange. But let's not forget the real heros wear uniforms of a different color. Please take time to thank them and their families.

The Top Ten Reasons a Rookie Holds Out

Reason 10 - My agent had me locked in a closet.

Reason  9 - The beach is great this time of year.

Reason 8 - I wanted to hang out with my frat brothers just a little longer.

Reason 7 - I made a wrong turn in Palookaville.

Reason 6 - I have pay for all my bling-bling.

Reason 5 - It had to read my contract twenty times to understand all that legal mumbo jumbo.

Reason 4 - I had to give my former employer a two-week notice.                     

Reason 3 - Man.  You should see how much it costs to fill up my customized Hummer.

Reason 2 - I wanted to practice my college fight song so I could nail it at my rookie hazing.

And the number one reason - Mama's home cooking is just so damn good.

Quotes of the Week   

Navy Petty Officer Joseph Roe on losing a finger in battle, ``I like to tell everybody I gave Iraq the finger, but it was the wrong one.''

The good news is you still have the right one for the Steelers and Ravens.

Nose Tackle Jason Fisk talks about eating Mexican, ``I 've always liked it. It started the first game I played we had Taco Bell. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to pregame rituals.''

Fisk's Saturday pregame meal consists of a Mexican Pizza, Nachos Supreme, Chicken Gorditas Supreme and a Bean Burrito. Here is a man after my own heart attack waiting to happen.

He continues to comment on his pregame meal, "That made it in the (media guide) again? I'd better get some sponsorships now."

I don't know about sponsorships but I bet there would be a hundred or so Browns fans willing to send him some discount coupons.

Linebacker Brant Boyer talks about missing last year, "In hindsight, it was good for me to get a year out of football to heal up everything. It also stoked my fire a little bit. I think I've still got some juice left in me."

I know Boyer was talking about Tabasco Juice opposed to the Rafael Palmeiro brand.

Roster Contest

The Plain Dealer once ran a contest to name the final Browns roster. I would like to see a publication or website bring that back. Hint, hint, hint. . . .

Browns Calendar

It  would be great if the 2006 Browns Wall Calendar has pictures of mostly players still on the team. That would be a step in the right direction.

It's All About the Kids

I think it is super that the Browns have reserved a place for kids to go after practice to get players autographs. They are the Dawg Pounders of the future. It is important to get them involved at an early age. When I was a kid my parents and I visited training camp at Hiram College. Quarterback Bill Nelson and other Brown greats were  kind enough to autograph a book for me and it was the highlight of my summer.

NFL Network Browns Preseason Television Schedule

For those of us who rely on DirecTV and the NFL Network to see the Browns preseason action below are the dates and times of the broadcasts. September's schedule has yet to be announced.

8/14 11:00 p.m. -- Browns vs. New York Giants at Cleveland

8/20 1:00 p.m. -- Browns vs. Lions at Detroit

8/27 11:00 p.m. -- Browns vs. Panthers at Cleveland

8/29 6:00 a.m. -- Browns vs. Panthers at Cleveland

All times are Eastern

Preseason Schedule

You would think that with thirty-two teams in the NFL the all-powerful schedule maker could avoid having teams meet in the preseason and regular season. NFL coaches are so paranoid that they stay extra vanilla on both offense and defense in the preseason not to give opponents anything on tape for when the games count.

So when a team plays another team in both practice games and during the year, as the Browns do with the Bears and Lions, what do we get vanilla with vanilla sprinkles?

But, at least it is real football and we will be able to have a better of idea of what kind of team we will see at Cleveland Browns Stadium this year. 

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