Browns-Giants: Let's Get this Party Started!

In this article, and over-excited web dork weaves together a whole bunch of links to game-related goodness like TV info, radio info, chat room info, you name it. If you're reading this via Yahoo! Sports, drop by get get all the hand-crafted linky goodness!


When I started this site's predecessor,, I just wanted to give the biggest freaking virtual tailgate party possible. I'm like the nerdy equivalent of that dude who spends the entire tailgate making sure that there's enough beer and that the ribs are done.

On gameday, we roll out the welcome mat, there aren't cover fees at a tailgate - at least not the ones we go to. Come one, come all, hang out with the gang here... here's what we've got going on as the Browns get ready to kick off at 8PM tonight.

Chat Room!!!

Please feel free to gather in the chat room for pre-game chatter alongside the radio show, and during the game. Browns fans with TV access have been known to relay reports to those without, and you can talk about the game while it's happening.

There are two ways to log into the chat room:

  1. Via a web browser: Simply head to and use the Java client to hang out in the chat room.
  2. Via an IRC client: Link up to an IRC network and then connect to server, port 7152. There are tons of free or inexpensive IRC clients available. Check it: mIRC (free) | Klient ($$, but cool) | Trillian (free) | More IRC Clients | Learn More...

Of course, if you want to discuss things asynchronously, there's always the ever-popular and generally unhinged Bernie's Insiders Forums.

Pre-Game Radio Show

I will be talking Browns on the Orange and Brown Countdown Show at 7PM with Joe Lull on Per usual, I'll be that guy named "ArtBtz" in the chat room as well.

During the Game

  • Chat: Get in the chat room, dawg (see above)
  • TV: Cleveland (WOIO-19), Youngstown (see thread)
  • Satellite: The gang in the Watercooler is trying to get it nailed down. Click here.
  • Radio: The NFL's pay-for-listen extortion is in effect. Folks are looking for streams. Click here

After the Game

  • Web Site: The awe-inspiring paid-for-by-your-subscriptions resources of are on it. Fred Greetham and Lane Adkins will be representing us in the press box and sending us their post-game review and analysis.
  • Radio: SportsTalkCleveland will have a post-game show, and we'll find someone sober enough to call in and offer some thoughts.
  • Photos: We'll have photos tonight and tomorrow from the Associated Press. Perhaps even a gallery showing up in the second half if the timing works. Also (thank you again, subscribers) Bernie's Insiders photographer Skip Trombetti will be on the field taking photos of the game, and we'll have extensive photo galleries on of that Sunday or Monday.
  • Video: None. We'd get, uh, sued or something. But there has been known to be some tape trading among the fans and the NFL has been pretty cool about that so far. Check out the forums and see if you can grovel, beg, or barter.


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