Browns-Giants: Game Notes

Odds and Ends from the Browns first pre-season game...

Seeing Green: RB William Green made a case for himself in the Browns backfield. Green followed Suggs in the backfield rotation as Reuben Droughns was suited up but did not play. Suggs had three carries for 11 yards. Green had 12 carries for 44 yards. He also caught three passes for 22 yards.

Injury Update: LB Kenard Lang, DL Andrew Hoffman and S Brodney Pool were injured. Pool and Lang were injured in the first half. Pool was injured on the first play of the game—suffering a concussion on the opening kickoff. Lang suffered what was termed a stinger. Hoffman suffered a foot injury and did not return. Pool was the Browns' second-round draft choice this year and Hoffman was the team's sixth-round choice.

"Brodney got dinged up a little bit," Crennel said. "Kenard got dinged. I think they'll be OK."

Sack Man Jones: The Browns had five sacks against the Giants. S Sean Jones sacked QB Jesse Palmer for an 11-yard loss on the Giants' first series in the third quarter. It forced the Giants to punt from their end zone and the Browns took over on the Giants' 46. LB Andra Davis had the Browns first sack as he dropped Manning for a 12-yard loss in the first quarter. LB Orlando Ruff sacked Hasselbeck in the fourth quarter. Ruff led the Browns with six tackles. LB Justin Kurpeikis added a sack with 1:11 to play and Omar Nazel added the final sack.

It's Raining Yellow: Besides the thunderstorm, when the teams were playing the officials were raining the field with yellow flags. The two teams combined for 27 penalties (13 Browns, 14 Giants). In addition, there were two penalties that were declined.

b S Chris Crocker intercepted QB Jesse Palmer with 1:49 to play in the first half at the Browns 2-yard line. It was the Browns first turnover of the preseason. Rookie Antonio Perkins had the other interception of a Hasselbeck pass in the fourth quarter.

Kicking Duel: P Kyle Richardson's first punt was just 30 yards. His second punt was for 58 yards. P Derrick Frost punted in the second half. His first punt went for 40 yards and was downed at the Giants' two. His second punt went 40 yards, but was recovered by the Browns at the Giants' 32 after a fumble. For the game, Richardson averaged 46 yards, while Frost averaged 40 yards. Richardson punted a final time with 1:18 to play and it traveled 53 yards.

The Sultan: RB Sultan McCullough was the workhorse in the second half carrying the ball 11 times for 35 yards. He caught three passes for 26 yards.

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