Gameday! Browns at Lions, 1PM.

Indoor football... I just don't get it. But, then again, there's probably an architect in Michigan somewhere saying "Dorky Browns fan spends all of his time maintaining a web site... I don't get it". To each his own, I guess. The Browns play indoor football today at 1PM, and here are a bunch of links to stuff you can do alongside the crew here...

You know, if the Browns were looking to simulate the feel of "guys talking in a bar" during their first exhibition game broadcast, they really should have given me a call. I have years of experience talking in bars, and even having the conversation center around the Browns giving up lots and lots of rushing yardage.

In fact, I would have taken a page from Al Pacino's approach and done the whole "method announcing" thing, as long as the beer was cold. Lee Strasberg would have been proud.

Anyhow, folks who want to get a sense of what that would have been like can dial up the Orange and Brown Countdown show on I'll be there talking with Joe Lull at Noon today (links below).

Here are the standard chat room and other links, because that nifty hyperlinking technology is what this-here internet is all about. All of this stuff is free - FREE, I tells ya! - whether you are a subscriber or not.

Chat Room!!!

Please feel free to gather in the chat room for pre-game chatter alongside the radio show, and during the game. Browns fans with TV access have been known to relay reports to those without, and you can talk about the game while it's happening.

There are two ways to log into the chat room:

  1. Via a web browser: Simply head to and use the Java client to hang out in the chat room.
  2. Via an IRC client: Link up to an IRC network and then connect to server, port 7152. There are tons of free or inexpensive IRC clients available. Check it: mIRC (free) | Klient ($$, but cool) | Trillian (free) | More IRC Clients | Learn More...

Of course, if you want to discuss things asynchronously, there's always the ever-popular and generally unhinged Bernie's Insiders Forums.

Pre-Game Radio Show

I will be talking Browns on the Orange and Brown Countdown Show at Noon with Joe Lull on Per usual, I'll be that guy named "ArtBtz" in the chat room as well. He's a dolt.

During the Game

  • Chat: Get in the chat room, dawg (see above)
  • TV: Cleveland (WOIO-19), NFL Network
  • Radio: WMMS 100.7 in Cleveland, Sirius Radio elsewhere
  • Look in the Cooler for other news on audio feeds, satellite, etc...

After the Game

  • Web Site: Of course we're going to have all the regular post-game stuff. What are you thinking?
  • Radio: SportsTalkCleveland will have a post-game show, as will the local radio stations such as WTAM, WKNR, and WMMS.
  • Photos: We'll have photos tonight and tomorrow from the Associated Press. Perhaps even a gallery showing up in the second half if the timing works.
  • Video: None. We'd get, uh, sued or something. But there has been known to be some tape trading among the fans and the NFL has been pretty cool about that so far. Check out the forums and see if you can grovel, beg, or barter.


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