The Deal with Andre

STORY UPDATED 12:30PM - Bernie's Insiders has information from league sources about the fate of Andre Davis, and we are reporting on it exclusively at this hour. Media relaying this information need to credit

UPDATE 12:30 AM - The Browns have pushed out a press release announcing the trade to New England. It provides no additional information, even stating that the draft pick is "undisclosed".

UPDATE 11:20 AM - News travels fast. We had an exclusive for 90 minutes, LOL! The Associated Press has now come out with a story and there's another piece slapped up by ESPN. Here's the link to Lenny P reporting the news as well as the Associated Press. Just remember: if the story is true, we had it first. If the story is false, it's all the fault of those corporate weasels in Bristol and their irresponsible reporting. Long live Fox Sports! Man, I love this business. - Barry

UPDATE 11:10 AM - Our sources tell Lane that the Browns have received a conditional second-day draft pick, although word is that the Browns were also interest in a defensive lineman or defensive back, as we had suggested during our first report.

UPDATE 10:50 AM - Lane Adkins reports that independent sources have confirmed that a deal has been completed, although Davis' destination has not been confirmed by these sources. Also, word has reached us that a radio station, WEEI, is also reporting this information. At this moment, we don't know if they got it from us whether it is an independent verification.

FIRST REPORT, 9:45AM: League sources have told Bernie's Insiders that the Browns have completed a trade with the New England Patriots for wide receiver Andre Davis. While we have the story confirmed with multiple sources, fans should not consider the deal complete until we have official confirmation from the team.

According to our sources, the Browns negotiated over the weekend with both the Seattle Seahawks and the Patriots, before finally dealing the oft-injured receiver to New England.

We do not have word regarding what the Browns have received in exchange, although second-day draft choices are believed to be the most likely result.

Another possibility is that the Browns are interested in specific players that Romeo Crennel likes, with the team's needs being the most strong in the defensive secondary and on the defensive line. The Patriots themselves are struggling with a loss of players at the linebacker position.

Rumors in March had the Browns interested as well in QB Rohan Davey, who is a likely candidate to be cut by the Patriots prior to the start of the season. With the disappointing performance by QB Josh Harris and an injury to QB Doug Johnson, involving Davey in this deal is a possibility.

We will provide further details as they become available to the Bernie's Insiders team.

- BDMc

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