Winslow Speaks

Browns TE reveals he is stuffing from a staph infection...

Kellen Winslow was in the locker room Tuesday and he spoke to members of the media. He has lost weight and indicated he has battled a staph infection in his elbow, in addition to having knee surgery.

Winslow said he currently weighs 225 pounds, down almost 30 pounds from his listed playing weight of 254 pounds. He also had a wrap on his elbow where the staph infection is located. Winslow said he doesn't know how he contacted the infection, but that was a serious revelation by the second-year tight end.

Winslow admitted he made a mistake getting injured in a motorcycle accident during the off-season.

"It was unfortunate," Winslow said. "You have to adapt. It was a mistake. I just have to prove to Cleveland and myself that I can come back."

Winslow said he is determined to return to the field next season. He says he hopes to be 100 percent recovered by February 2006.

"I'm determined to come back," he said. "I'm disappointed that I'm not playing this year."

Winslow is grateful the Browns have supported him through the ordeal.

"The organization has been behind me," he said. "They've been very supportive of me and I can't wait to come back."

Due to the knee surgery and the staph infection, Winslow said he is unable to either run or lift weights.

"I just chill out at home and play a lot of Madden (video game football)."

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