Flash Analysis: Browns Trim Roster to 53

Saturday afternoon, the Browns announced their roster moves to bring the team to the NFL-mandated roster limit of 53. Here's why certain players made the squad, and certain players didn't. Do you have follow-up questions for our experts? Drop into Ask the Insiders and get the scoop from our staff of dedicated Browns gurus...

The Browns trimmed their roster to 53 players today, making a series of moves which will be relatively unsurprising to Bernie's Insiders subscribers. The moves also displayed how the sudden last-minute onset of injuries can result in promising players being assigned to injured reserve lists.

To get the roster to 53, the team cut the following players:

WR Richard Alston
LB Jamal Brooks
CB Dyshod Carter
OL Enoch Demar
DB Michael Grant
QB Josh Harris
TE Paul Irons
WR C.J. Jones
RB Sultan McCullough
FB Ben Miller
LB Omar Nazel
DT J'Vonne Parker
OG Mike Pucillo
OT Greg Randall

Waived - Injured
DT Amon Gordon (knee)
LB Ivory McCoy (leg)
LB Renauld Williams (hip)

Placed on Injured Reserve
OT Jonathon Dunn (ankle)
CB Antwan Harris (shouler)

Inured Reserve / Non-Football Injury
OT Lew Dawson

Among the less-expected cuts:

RB Sultan McCullough

We expected McCullough to be released due to his lack of versatility. While McCullough was the fastest member of the team in the post-Andre Davis era, he was not allowed to display that speed on special teams or as a third-down specialist. As a result, he was expendable in a deep Browns backfield. We expect the Browns will grab McCullough for their practice squad if he gets through waivers.

WR Richard Alston

This is one we missed. We expected WR Frisman Jackson to be cut instead of Alston. Ultimately, the coaching staff appeared unimpressed with Alston's potential as a kick returner, and elected to keep the bigger and more experienced Frisman Jackson.

OT Greg Randall

As mentioned in last week's radio show, this isn't a huge surprise. Randall's play during the pre-season has been unexceptional, and the Browns could not have been happy with several penalties called on the veteran tackle. Kirk Chambers is clearly a player on the rise.

TE Paul Irons

Likely the most difficult cut on this list. Irons turned out to be a victim of numbers, and we would not be surprised to see him on the practice squad if he clears waivers. Irons did nothing to discourage the team's interest during the pre-season. We believe that the team elected to keep Corey McIntyre because he is a more traditional fit with his role (Irons is considered under-sized at TE) and because of his contributions on special teams. Anyone who saw McIntyre's devastating block on punt returns last Friday couldn't be too surprised by that the team took him instead of Irons.

OL Enoch Demar

We predicted Demar's release in Ask the Insiders and on last week's radio show. Demar was replaced by Melvin Fowler as Joe Andruzzi's backup against the Panthers, a clear sign that the coaching staff was looking to see if Fowler could be versatile enough to allow them to cut the undrafted free agent from Indiana.

QB Josh Harris

We fell of the Harris bandwagon back in May and haven't gotten back on since. While speculation among the mainstream press is that Harris is headed to the practice squad, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Browns not pick him up.


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