What We've Been Told

Lane Adkins is back with more of what's being whispered behind the walls of Berea. Thoughts on the acquisition of Billy Miller, the team's running back approach, Phil Dawson's "slump", and more...

MILLER'S CROSSING: Listening to head coach Romeo Crennel speak, he sounds like the straight-shooter many claim him to be.

Don't be so sure. In the politically correct National Football League, Crennel (like the other 31 head coaches in the league) knows exactly when to stop short of being forthright.

The addition of pass-catching tight-end Billy Miller is significant. Miller has displayed the ability to be a threat in the passing game, and getting downfield has not been a problem for the former Houston Texans starter.

Surprised Miller was available as the Texans looked to shift the TE position to focus more on blocking, the Browns jumped all over the opportunity to sign the young veteran.

Did we mention that he worked out for the team on Saturday - prior to Crennel noting the team didn't have any thing in the fire?

Signing Miller also provides insurance in the event Aaron Shea remains hampered with pectoral muscle and hip issues.

RUNNING BACK RUMBLINGS: We hear talk of running back Lee Suggs (high ankle sprain) improving, but the shifty back will not be available in the regular season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite the improvement, Suggs is not expected to be ready until week-two, at the earliest (being optimistic here).

Despite William Green outplaying Rueben Droughns in the preseason, it appears Droughns is the man Crennel and offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon feel the most comfortable with. In the early going (week-one) expect both backs to see plenty of action, but the plan is for Droughns to pound the ball at the opposing defense.

AB AND MC - OK: Speaking of Carthon (former Dallas coach), there were some concerns he would not mesh with former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and current Browns starter Antonio Bryant. Both met in the early going when Carthon arrived in Cleveland and everything has been very professional. It has been noted that Bryant has grown as a person, which has helped elevate his game.

BYE-BYE BRANT: Recently released linebacker Brant Boyer has nothing but kind words following his departure from the team. Boyer is hopeful the fans of the Browns get the winning team they deserve, and he notes there are no better fans than Browns fans. As teams are in the throes of cutting down their rosters, Boyer has not received a solid offer, but there has been some contact with a few teams who are considered contenders.

NO WORRIES: Many outside the Browns organization are concerned with the rather average preseason of place-kicker Phil Dawson. By all accounts within the walls of the Browns complex, Dawson is regarded as one of the best kickers in the game are there are no concerns about his 5-9 field goal accuracy during the preseason.

ETHAN ON THE RISE: While free agent acquisition Jason Fisk is holding down the starting nose tackle position, the team is very intrigued with the progress of Ethan Kelley. Kelley, a New England Patriots cast-off has improved significantly under the tutelage of defensive line coach Randy Melvin and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

LOMBARDI (NOT VINCE): Anyone within ear-shot of the Browns telecast against the Chicago Bears this past Thursday night received a little piece of history during the Bill Belichick ear in Cleveland.

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar was a guest analyst in the booth and briefly talked about the time he was in Cleveland while Belichick was the head coach. Noting he and Belichick are now friends, Kosar noted it was former front office employee Mike Lombardi (currently works in the Oakland Raiders front office) who had Art Modell's ear and was at the center of many issues surrounding the team and its issues during the Belichick tenure.

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