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The action starts early with the 10AM radio pre-game show!

10AM: Orange and Brown Pre-Game Show

Joe Lull and I will be live for two hours prior to the game. Hang in the chatroom, call us and give us your takes, and talk football as the Browns and Bengals prepare to kick off.

Live Audio Stream (Windows Media Player)
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Live Video Stream (Windows Media Player)
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Call In (Cleveland area): 1.216.588.1918
Call In (Long Distance):  1.866.782.7142

Email the Show Live
Click here or simply email to

Participate via Chat Room
Web Browser: Click here for the chat room in your browser
IRC Chat Clients: Use IRC Server port: 7152

1PM: Chatrooms and Forums during the Game

As always, the chatroom and forums will be pretty crazy throughout the game. Join us and track the game online with your fellow dawgs. I will be live from the press box dropping in info as I get it into the chatroom and forums.

Chat Room
Web Browser: Click here for the chat room in your browser
IRC Chat Clients: Use IRC Server port: 7152


Click here to go to the message board lobby
Click here for the in-game thread in the Watercooler

POST-GAME: The Return of Gameballs and Goats

For the sixth consecutive year, Gameballs and Goats returns to Bernie's Insiders. This feature allows you to select three gameballs to hand out (as well as three goats to kick in the butt). The results are tabulated and presented during the week, along with selected comments.

After the game, a button that takes you to the Gameballs and Goats voting will magically appear on the message board forums. Make sure you are logged in, then look underneath the tabs on the forums for the voting button that will take you to the gameballs and goats page. Cast your ballots and let your voice be heard!

POST-GAME: Information Overload!

Fred Greetham will provide game reports and notes, and I will offer up his thoughts on the game via the home page. Photos, stats, and more will be available, as well as the first objective analysis of the results of Sunday's contest. Look for new post-game reports showing up on Monday as well as we try to kick to an even higher gear in 2005.

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